I bet it was yummy! I’m trying to get away from sugar, the only sweetness I want to see are from adorable photos like this one. 😩 Doesn’t she look adorable smashing that cake?! I’m beyond grateful to play a small part on precious moments such as these ones! Thank you @mjyballa 😘

Hey Wednesday you’ve been good to me! How was your middle of the week, day?
We started shipping your goodies yesterday, and tomorrow it’s another shipping day! Expect your happy mail soon! .
Winnie is just too gorgeous on our Red, White, and Blue Crown. So elegant, yet festive! Perfect for 4th of July! 🇺🇸 ready to ship [link in bio]

I hope your weekend was full of adventures and cuteness, like these two sweet girls! They’re just lovely in their tutus and in our Watermelon floral crown, and blue “cupcake” floral clusters! Swipe left to see a close up of our watermelon crown! Too cute! .
Thank you beautiful customers for showing up to the shop, and for loving our mini Summer collection! 💗 We will be shipping your goodies soon. At the end of this week, like we announced, we will randomly choose an order (from summer collection) to be refunded! Let’s keeping on shopping!😉🛍

Oh let all the Summer adventures begin! We added some pretties to the shop! As lot of you message me excited about this mini collection, I literally can’t wait to see your sweet babies rocking the new crowns! {Link in bio}
Kai is just too cute in our blue “cupcake” cluster, also part of the Summer collection released earlier ☀️⛱

I’ve been so BEEsy the past couple of days, that even these sweet bees came to help me 😆 the fake ones can be called sweet, right? 😉 Aren’t these sunflower crowns so cute? Available FriYaY along with other Summer goodies! 9pm EST ☀️🌻 🐝

Does the saying “stop and smell the flowers” apply to Felt Flowers? Because I’ve been smelling them the whole day!🤣 I have felt flowers and pieces of felt all over my studio. Working till late hours the past few days😅 .
For those of you that don’t know yet. Every month we are randomly selecting a winner from likes/comments to win a $20 shop credit. We announced last month’s winner, couple days ago, on our stories. Thank you for supporting our feed💗

Okay Monday, you were busy but good! And look at this sweet face, so cute in our “cupcake” cluster. Thank you @momofgirls_1330 for the adorable photo💗

Isn’t sheeee looovelyy? 🎶 I just want to make your heart melt!
Have a lovely Sunday! Thank you @annaleontyukphotography for the sweetest photos ever! 👼🏻

Happy First day of June! It was a short week, so we are twirling faster into the weekend! I will be at my studio working half of my Saturday, and I’m not upset! I’m enjoying working full time on my handmade goodies, since May was such a busy month. How about you, any fun plans for the weekend?
Precious Hallen so cute on our “cupcake” cluster.

It rained the whole day, a good day to snuggle and be cozy. How was your weather?
Ps - to my beautiful customers, that send me beautiful photos like this one, you make my heart so happy! 💗thank you @anniezabo 💗

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Do you have fun plans? We will be heading to the beach, and the weather better be good! 🏖 I just dropped these adorable “cupcake” cluster to the shop. Loving this ocean color combination. Available on both of our Etsy shop and our website {link in bio}. Use coupon code MEMORIALDAY to save 15% off your purchase till Monday. Have fun and safe weekend!

Sweet smiles plus adorable daisies! 🌼Who is excited for the extended weekend? We had family in town for over a month, it’s was crazy, and fun, everyday felt like an extended weekend, the perks of working from home! Save the coupon code MEMORIALDAY for 15% off your purchase from tomorrow to Monday 🛍
Last but not least, we will be announcing this month’s winner, from our likes/comments on our stories, soon. Stay tuned! Thank you for supporting our feed!🎉

It was a non stop kind of day. I felt like I was everywhere, I felt like I was the busiest person on the planet 🤪 now it’s time 😴 Goodnight! .
Oh and sweet Leia naps in a style, featuring our cupcake floral cluster💗

Oh Monday are you already here? We are a little MIA. So many thing happening at the same time, good things though, like I talked about on my last post. Sunday was busy, running around in a rainy day, it was fun! 😅How was your weekend?
And how cute is this girl in our newest hair clip, D A I S I E S. Coming to the shop tomorrow!

Flowers are always welcome in our home! .
We’ve been so so busy. My mother in law is in town, and we are trying to make sure she has fun, taking her to places, enjoying her before she heads back home, PLUS working on new goodies in the mix of it all😅 .
Ps - Once a month we are selecting a winner from our LIKES and/or COMMENTS to win $20 shop credit! Winners will be announced on our stories!🎉

Ah it’s Mother’s Day weekend! I‘m happy to celebrate me, 😉and all the beautiful mamas out there! You ladies go have lots of fun, and feel extra especial, because you are! 😘💐
We added a few extra mommy and me sets to the shop. Some of you asked about, and purchased just the girl’s crown, the option is now available. From the drop down menu you can choose the set or just the child’s crown.
Save the coupon code MOMSGIFT for tomorrow and Sunday to enjoy 20% off your purchase on both Etsy and website! 🛍

I know it’s only Monday, but all I can see is the fun Mother’s Day weekend ahead! Who is excited? 💐And oh the sweet photos of your little ones wearing our crowns!! Melts my heart! Thank you for the adorable picture @chantalbaros 💗

We went to see the daffodils, but the beautiful little wild flowers under the trees were so delicate and pretty- the perfect place to plop a baby 👶🏼 🌸 who is already ten months old 😭

Hooray to a much needed weekend! Hope your Saturday is loaded with cuteness and adventures! Greyson looks adorable in our cupcake floral cluster. .
Low stock for our Cupcake Floral clusters. I’m planning on restocking and having some new Summer colors available soon! 😍

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