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"You gotta get fancy, go like this" 😂 this is why I love this fkn guy. I miss how much he made me laugh!! #Tbt #DaddyMode #FancyPose😂 #HeLovedHisAnalisla #HandsomeAss❣️ I miss you I miss you I miss you!!!!!!

😂😂😂😂 OMG Think @rodneypeete9 ain't hype for Roman to defend this last play for the win?? He got his Doc Rivers voice on!! 😭😂🏈 Great win tonight @romanpeete! Your team is 🔥and headed to the championship game🙌🏽 #daddymode #ForPeetesSake #GoRoman #flagfootball #tnf

Wrapped up 23 Valentine bags with a puzzle valentine card and candy for my son daycare party. #DaddyMode #HappyValentinesDay

Daddy~mode 👶🏻💙 #babyboy #daddymode

Con las princesses #ppp #daddymode #singledad

A bit of teaching before bed... #DaddyMode #BigSon 🤗

Random clips to share my wealth and fortunes.
I love my girlies and I try to do everything and more to make sure they're happy.
I'll be the first to admit I'm a hard A** and I expect a lot more than most people do .
The best part about all these clips is there's no fancy toys. No vacation get away or material things to show them happiness or a good time.
That's what the world wants you to believe. They think you NEED to buy your kids love with toys and trips.
Take your kid outside and play with them. Put the electronics down and love your children with yourself. You don't need nothing or no one to do that. Don't get caught up in the hype of the "trendy material things" or just because you see that family go on trips or vacations when all reality is there is no interaction taken place.
I take my daughters to daddy land every time I'm with them. Either with yelling, chasing, or playing hiding go seek....The list can go on and I hope some of you can utilize #reallove because with this holiday season with presents, toys and material sh*t, the real meaning gets buried.

It cost $ 0.00 to make your kids happy. Never forget that!

Happy holidays 😍
#daddymode #always

Roller coaster ride with the kiddos:) #daddymode #kiddies #minico


Daddy~mode 👶🏻💙 #babyboy #daddymode

Con las princesses #ppp #daddymode #singledad

Miles Atti-two-de was showing so much yesterday at a big kid birthday party #attitwode #being2ishard #freshapparel

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