I have major “DADDY ISSUES“... like the one where I live my life at 100mph! Huh?! Is that even an issue, Tea? Fuck yeah! Keep reading… 🤓📖🙈

One of my youngest childhood memories is sitting at the window, waiting for my dad to come and visit me, whilst I was in care 💭

Although my mum had to run away from him in the middle of the night, with 3 children under the age of 5, because he beat the shit out of her... I ADORED HIM cuz like most kids… MY DAD WAS MY HERO 💪🏼

I think my heart broke a little, every week when he didn’t turn up but I dealt with it by believing my HERO MUST BE BUSY SAVING THE WORLD. Not drinking or being a predator or being violent or sitting in jail or even sitting on his ass without a care in the world for his kids in care… so, I'd sigh but be totally understanding 💁🏽‍♀️

But guys... I grew up and that “understanding” turned into RAGE when I found out the TRUTH about him and I was SO MAD that my “HERO” had WASTED MY TIME and OMG… 😐

Time became my EVERYTHING, sprinkled with a little OCD and a whole lotta Bipolar Disorder and you can only imagine the obsession and distress I [still] experience(d) when someone’s late or something aint happening fast enough! 😡

My fear of wasting time TOOK OVER MY LIFE and although I had NO chill, I also achieved great things because of this ✨

Some of our issues are not our fault but we have to take responsibility for them and by responsibility I mean... OWNING our issues and deciding how we can grow from them to turn that pain into POWER!

I always felt men had to overcompensate for my Dead Beat Dad and wanted them to buy me a watch to show me their commitment but then I realised that I AM MY OWN HERO and that time is the most PRICELESS blessing I have, so I FINALLY dug deep and bought this classic timeless little Gucci number to remind me of this.

Fuck it.... Thanks, Dad ⏰🤟🏼❤️

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Go ahead & cry little girl /nobody does it like u do/i know that you’ve got daddy issues #daddy
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Matinee at 3pm. Only 4 more chances to see The Brechtones #daddyissues #daddy #thebrechtones #brecht #playersring

Since these days I'm travelling within, here's a picture to mark the day I found joy and pride in my other, more uncool skillsets. I fix up lamps and lights, I own a toolkit, and even though I was spelling plier wrong till before I posted this, I've been using one since before I can remember.

You know how it started? We 3 siblings have been Papa's assistants in every transfer and posting for all of our lives, ALL OF IT. He liked to do it on his own, so every two years, we'd pack and move with 40 trunks, NOT including the appliances. And if this wasn't enough experience on the ground, take into account our apprenticeship with Papa on everything that needed fixing in our homes. He loves taking things apart and putting them back together, fixing what is outside, possibly because the insides are harder to fix, but those being his reasons and his story to live.

I like to believe he loved his little children helping him out, seeing how he took care of it all; he needed show it and we needed to see it too, there weren't many other ways for us to know that there was love between us. He'd call out the tool names, and we'd scurry to bring them from his designated toolbox, sometimes mixing them up and getting a slight reprimand, and while it wasn't as rosy as I make it sound when looking back at it, it was definitely a life-skill he was teaching us. I didn't know then that this man, teaching his girl how to hammer in nails and what wires go where, was giving her something she'd fall back to and cherish so so much, later, and forever in life.

Now if someone's feeling inspired, please gift me a tester and a pair of pliers with built-in wire cutters before I steal it from my old man on the upcoming trip home!

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