Play time with Daddy 🍆

5 years ago today my life elevated. Daddy mode kicked in double, my grind was harder, and life purpose ment more to seek and find. The joy in having a little lady is unreal especially when raising a younger version of yourself; personality wise. I love being the dad that says play like your going to kiss your mama and lick the whole side of her face and you do it lol eww.I love being the dad that have freestyle session in the car weekly. I love being the dad that buy you things that make everyone else say "she only __ why would you buy her that" LOL. Happy 5th birthday to my #duce #day1 #daddyissue #daddy #👨‍👩‍👧

Very happy to have discovered your work at @art_paris_art_fair @helenahauss 👩‍🎨 #daddyissue #ballpoint #art #artlife #arty #artparisartfair

I'm just some hipster scum living their best life.
#zine #zinerelease #hooplah #hipsterscum #cute #daddyissue

My son..
+/- 4 months left until we meet. I pray, you pray oke? Soalnya Daddy deg-degan banget ketemu kamu, kayaknya kamu juga kalo Daddy denger di perut Mommy.
Daddy deg-degan kayak mau ketemu Mommy kamu sewaktu mau dating.
#DaddyIssue #DaddyProblems

Flower under the rain 🌧

Cause it's a new day! #instagay #daddyissue #grayhair #gay #selfie

The relevancy. My purpose isn't cute. It's powerful. Shirt from @gigitaughtme ❤️

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