Let’s talk.
Please don’t ever let a Daddy Dom/Dom force you to do anything because they are the “Dom”. I see this often and I was also victim to this myself until I learned it’s not okay. A sub/Little submits themselves on their terms. Once you do fully submit you can always say no. A true daddy dom/Dom will always be okay with this. As these type of relationships are very healthy and are based on communication. I have been left in tears in the past because I wasn’t comfortable doing things a Dom had requested of me and I would punished with smacks to my face until I was beat red (I am a very sensitive little and degrading and hitting my face is a no go for me). I would cry because I just wasn’t ready to do what was asked of me. I was told that I need to obey because he was the daddy. Please don’t fall into this trap. You have control as well.
Please don’t be afraid to walk away and please don’t doubt yourself on whether you are right with thinking what they are doing is wrong.
I’m a dm away if you need to talk. I didn’t know who to turn to when I was in this situation and I want to be there for anyone going through this.
Hugs and love -Meow 🐱🎀🍼
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