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Teaching at #DadaAbc and this class comes up. What are the odds?! #onlinework #teachonline #teachenglish #coloradogirl

My #little Terry from #China drew me a fish. .
#dadaabc #esl # teacher

This is what teaching online looks like! I do it for 2-3 hours a day. I'm so in love. *
We were discussing rules. My student said,"Don't walk on big hills in the hallway! Stay in line! Go to class!"
Wow! That is great for a child speaking English as a second language. I only know how to say "Ni Hao!" *
#ilovemyjob #dadaabc #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers

Love my new background for my ESL classes! #eslteacher #dadaabc #alphabet #teacherkristina #welcomestudents

#DaDaABC# Meetup in ChiangMai❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


"Interested in teaching online for DadaABC?  Jason from DIGINO shares his experience working for them, including how he got hired and how he uses music to keep the students engaged.  Even better is that Jason is a digital nomad and does all of this while traveling the world.  Sound cool?  That’s because it is – keep reading to see how he does it!"
Jason says: "I think a lot of it comes into just how well you can express yourself, because with teaching online, it’s almost as if you’re using sign language, because you have to say things … If you want them to speak to you you have to say, “Oh, can I hear you?” You have to probably be really expressive, so if you’re just say there, like, “Say apple,” you’re not going to get much out of them." See the whole video and article here https://eslauthority.com/blog/teaching-for-dadaabc/

What a beautiful little street!

#DaDaABC #BarkleyAndDenise

Gorgeous cathedral! Hello Gloucester!

#DaDaABC #BarkleyAndDenise

#workathome #online #linkinbio #DaDaABC #dadaabcsocial #dadaabcteachers no certification required click the link in my bio #abroad #❤️

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Make each day a masterpiece 😌
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Lots of fun lessons today!

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Why did you choose to teach English online?
Looking for an opportunity to make up to $25 an hour. Apply with the link in the bio ☝️

Although I was not a world-renowned educator, I would like to believe that I eventually found my voice (or unique significance) and achieved a moderate level of greatness. During this whole process of becoming great, the varied experiences in my career as a teacher deepened my knowledge and skills, strengthening my resolve to improve my craft. In that process, I went through the typical three-stage teacher-attitude cycle (this parallels research done by Frances Fuller and John L. Watzke): The 3-Stage Teacher-Attitude Cycle
Shock: "Whoa! This is too much, and I want out."
Cynicism: "The students don't care. The administration doesn't support us."
Self-Actualization: "I can do this. This is fun. If I help just one student, it's worth it!"
In each of these steps, I was lucky to have other caring individuals helping me. As a new teacher, I benefited greatly from the patient ministrations of several seasoned teachers who showed me the ropes of grading, discipline, effective lessons, and ways to manage the volume of work. Without their help, I would not have made it past the first year.

I was overwhelmed my first year, and I looked for anything to help me. As teachers are required to do, I attended workshops and teacher meetings in which I was inspired to be great. I saw Stand and Deliver, which depicts how a high school math teacher, Jaime Escalante, challenged the mental and social limitations that his students had placed on themselves, thereby bringing them to greatness. I felt that if I could be that passionate about teaching students, I could do anything. Then I went back into the classroom and faced the reality that I had only a certain amount of time, strength, and energy. I seriously doubted my own capacity to teach and my decision to become a teacher. I struggled through another year in which things improved to a moderate degree.

I love to read! What is your favourite book?

#DaDaABC #BarkleyAndDenise

Happy students make happy parents! Thank you for such lovely feedback! Teacher Denise E and I, Barkley, will continue to do our best!

#DaDaABC #DaDaABCTeachers

Sept 13 TW IG Can you find all the DaDaABC Pandas? :D 
Wishing you a great week.

My #little Terry from #China drew me a fish. .
#dadaabc #esl # teacher

Rainy and windy day! Let's stay inside and do something fun!

#DaDaABC #BarkleyAndDenise

Every teacher has a different experience! Every student is special and they are all willing to learn English online with you :)
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#teacher #abroad #DaDaABC #mondaymotivation This girl is done teaching for the day❤️. #great #students #china #shanghai #online #workfromhome link in bio finished by 9 a.m.

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