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can't get out of bed right now... leave a message, I'll get back to you later

can't deal with this ish right now 😤

can't wake this girl up.....I need food!! (Anyone else look like Bartok in the middle of the night?) #anastasiawhereyouat

can't understand why they think it's weird I follow them to the restroom when they follow me to mine (??) #deepthoughts #NOPRIVACY

can't get a better hot dog than this

can't be bothered with walking today #carrymepeasant

can't wait to see mum and her little sausage fingers toniiiight

can't find the couch where is the couch #sos

can't let these humans eat in peace, I need my scraaaaps #mindmycrotch

can't stand the cold but love the lake mucho

can't believe how soft this carpet is

can't celebrate my favorite auntie's birthday without some bubblyyyyyy 🎉 luv you so much @sahstop sorry I sometimes pee on you but I'm always too excited to see you 👼🏻

can't stop flaunting that winter bod 🔥

can't show off my mani pedi without having a professional Photoshoot

can't with these early mornings 🙄

can't stop trying to delay this walk 💩

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