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Puppy play time🐶

Pogi ka pa din kenjie kahit naglalagas fez mo haha #tgif #dachshaund

De los mejores besos.... #gonzalo #dachshaund

Afterwork relaxation #dachshaund #lifeisgood #relax

Mirando a la nada pensando en un todo! 😂😂🐶❤


Afterwork relaxation #dachshaund #lifeisgood #relax

Hey World, Toby is the cutest!
I asked Toby's pawrent, - What makes Toby so special? "
Toby is special to me because he's more than just a dog, he's part of the family. 
Family rescue each other, and he surely returned the favor. 
After my old dog, Star, passed away at the age of 5 involving a car accident, we knew it was time for another rescue dog in our lives. 
We went to the shelter, there were tons of people applying for these cute beagle puppies, which I had absolutely no patience to house train. 
There he was, as skinny as a rake. 
Then we knew we fell in love. "
Congratulations Toby you are the cutest Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua/Beagle/Dachshund Mix in the world! .
Thank you for sharing Toby with us:
#toby .doggo

Hey World, Daisy is the cutest!
I asked Daisy's pawrent, - What makes Daisy so special? "
Daisy is a Dachshund from Melbourne, Australia. 
Daisy is special to us because whenever you are having a sad day she is always there to cheer you up with her crazy running around and her cheeky smile and loving kisses. 
She is our princess and we couldn't image life without her. 
She loves belly rubs and biscuits of course! 
And chasing birds in the backyard! 
She is one of a kind in our eyes and we love her to bits. 
Life just wouldn't be the same without daisy in it ❤❤❤❤ "
Congratulations Daisy you are the cutest Dachshund in the world! .
Thank you for sharing Daisy with us:
#daisy .dogdoxie

Mirando a la nada pensando en un todo! 😂😂🐶❤

Hey World, Mr. Hudson Whitney is the cutest!
I asked Mr. Hudson Whitney's pawrent, - What makes Mr. Hudson Whitney  so special? "
Our last dog was killed by a coyote outside our apartment the week after Thanksgiving. 
When we went to find a new animal at the beginning of January, we set up a full two days of rescue appointments. 
We met @mrhudsonwhitney on at the first rescue and knew he was our new dog the minute we saw him. 
Now, our family feels whole again. "
Congratulations Mr. Hudson Whitney  you are the cutest Dachshund/Italian Greyhound Mix in the world! .
Thank you for sharing Mr. Hudson Whitney with us:

Hey World, Jewels is the cutest!
I asked Jewels' pawrent, - What makes Jewels so special? "
Why is Jewels so special? 
Her cute big EARS! Haha. 
So here's the story, my husband and I went to the BARC Houston Animal Shelter and we were determined to get a puppy no matter what.  When my husband and Jewels made eye contact, it was game over. 
He knew she was the one. 
This Dachsund / Rat Terrier mix was only 4 months old then, and her recent owner surrendered her. 
It must have been hard on her because initially she had trust issues. 
Now... She's a huge cuddle machine.
She loves cuddling, running, chasing laser, and having puppy play dates! 😊 " 
Special shout-out will be to her cousin 
Congratulations Jewels you are the cutest Dachshund/Ratterrier Mix in the world! .
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Rocky with love ❤️

Hey World, Cookie is the cutest!
I asked Cookie's pawrent, - What makes Cookie so special? "
Cookie is a dachshund ,4 months old. 
I had to shift to another city for my college and it was difficult for me to leave behind my parents , my friends ...almost everyone I was comfortable with. 
I don't socialize cause of which I ended up feeling all let down and lonely...if it wasn't for cookie I would've still been feeling the same way.
My dad gave her to me for my 18th birthday ,since then I've been so obsessed with her. She made my life better :) "
Congratulations Cookie you are the cutest Dachshund in the world! .
Thank you for sharing Cookie with us:

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