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When you win the rec league tournament
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Happy Birthday, Madi!!!👏🏻🎉 We've been through 2 years of Bible school together, and sadly we didn't become close friends until halfway through our second! We are the only ones who know what truly brought us together...😌😂 Anyways.. I wish I could be with you on your birthday! I hope it is the best one yet, and everyone better be treating you like a Queen💁🏻 Love you beyond words could ever express! 💕
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Showcase tout bientôt tkt. En attendant prends ça !
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Flexin' on your bish 👹#dabOnIt #swag #flexin #kodakblack #worldexday

Bongzilla #onthis420 #DabOnIt shout out @dabbing_granny 👌🏻💯

A weekend to remember😊🙏🏾⛪️#tob #dabonit

My Co-Pilot and I celebrating our 17th Anniversary. #DabOnIt #MeantDadBodOnIt

BAM #dabonit so naar mn hoe ettie


I've been around loads of family this last week. Some sad times, some tough times, and some good times. My heart feels deep sadness after saying goodbye to my sister and her family tonight. The crazies left to go back to PA at 9:00 p.m. via car. Regardless of the circumstances over the last week, it just felt so good to be around my blood. I miss everyone so much already. @dv8r_ceo @fitness_and_lipsense Thank you all for coming. Dan, you and Darren are an incredible duo. And Ash, you are truly my clone: clean, organized, on top of it, and Starbucks obsessed. I don't know anyone else who would visit @Starbucks twice a day with me for a week straight. I love you all.

I'm always Lit!!!! Finna go down anytime turn on 🔛 post notification 🔊 and stay active

My dancing getting better everyday I'm really proud of myself.

📆 They said a lot of things because of my hydrocephalus, that I would be hard to potty train, but I learned within two days in my new home. I also learned how to sit, lie down, shake and kiss on command before I was 6 months. They wanted to put me to sleep due to speculation of water in my brain, but my twin mums refused and instead gave me all the love I could ever ask for. They said my future vet bills would be expensive < okay that part is true 😂 However, there are three things that I want you to take away from this story, 1) Love always overcomes all 2) Don’t ever listen to what others say, you know yourself best and LIFE is what you make of it 3) It’s okay to be the oddball, embrace your flaws, it makes you extra special ☺️ they said I wouldn’t live past a year but today I turn 3 🎈 #STUNTIN #DABONIT

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