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Yup I made uv transparent purple blade!

@710rivermatta rocking his dabber pendant. This was an auction and this dude was the best. Waited till the last sec. Hope ya love it. One of my best customers I've had. The glass was courteous of the one and only 😆@mmegahawkk and of course I wrapped it ☺️👍 I'll be on IG more lately. I just hit a rough spot but definitely stick around to see more sick stuff like this. 😎👍☺ ya can follow Megan's other pages too. Have some sick work. @mmegahawkk @recreationaldesign @weirdlifeglass #sexyasfuck #dabberpendant #dab #staymedicated #insanewraps

New Illuminati dabber carbcap available on my Etsy account Natrixpendants. #natrix_glass #askyourshopfornatrixglass #illuminati #dabber #dabbercarbcap #dabberpendant


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