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SECRETLY : (part1)
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The rain poured hardly as i'm on my way back home. I ran to the bus stop nearby. There was a boy with a drenched shirt too. We're in the same school based from his uniform..
Quiet. Only the sound of the rain pouring hard . For about an hour.
"What time is now?" A warm voice approach my ear. That boy, sat right beside me, he was so close that my heart beat fast.
That face. That handsome face ,without flaw...
"Uh.. 2 o'clock" i'm fluttering.
"Huh?! Really??!" He suddenly grab my wrist and stare the watch. My heartbeat speed keep raising. Bcause of that skinship~~ even its only last for some seconds..
"Where do you live?" I ask him, to cover my nervousness.
"House no.12, kyungsan park, lot 2" "Eh?! My neighbo...our..? U just move in a few days before right?" He nodded. Cooly.
"I'm Dyo. Whwt's ur name?" He asked
"Viena" i smile while my heart's shaking.
He grab my hand... shaking hand. I lowered my head, i feel like My face is getting hot.
"Glad to meet you in person" he smile. A meaningful smile~ ----
A moment later~
I remembered my phone, so, i took it out from my pocket but, it run out of battery. So, carefully i ask him for his cell phone. He show me a blank face. After a long pause, he reply..
"Dont have" •
After about 3 awkward hours, the rain stopped. We walk home together. I walk faster so i didnt walk along with him as my heart felt like about to explode.. >_< What is this feeling?

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