this photo was taken when i was beginning of collage, when i joined the education periode of one organization, well know that the theater hompimpa, and see you

"IJEN CRATER". I was visited this place three months ago with my friends. This was my first experience visited this place. This place was amazing and very nice. I hope could return to this place again with my friends.
#d3b_c #ijencrater #tugaslagi #igjadibukutugas #maybe #utsbikinsnapgram

This photo was taken 1 years ago, at the time I was in Panderman mount. The trip to Panderman with my friends, it takes time approximately 3 hours. It's verry cold. We brought a tent for place to stay. We enjoyed coffee with the sun rises.

This photo on year ago,when most struggle in school exams to become assistent pharmacist #d3b_c

This photo was taken 9 months ago, this picture when I was on the island of Madura, this place is not far from my home, the place is very cool, in this place I could relax enjoying the natural beauty.


I want to tell you about this photo, these photo I took at the very first time I came to University of Muhammadiyah Malang. The college was called "Jas Merah Kampus Putih". It's huge and it has a beautiful view inside the campus. I also choosed University of Muhammadiyah Malang because there is a major that I concerned about and it has a good accreditation. I am very proud for being a student at this university. #D3B_C

i'm Heru Prasetyawan, you can call me Heru,
was born in Tulungagung, on 10 September 96,
now i'm 20th years old, yeahh, going to oldman but i still young hehe, now i studying in University of Muhammadiyah Malang at Finance and Business Faculty and course in Diploma 3 Finance and Banking, and then about my hobby is what i want i do it hehe, but usually i like to play guitar and listen music, it just refresh to my daily activity.
you want to know more about me, first you can come and have to be my friends
see. #d3b_c

Hello igers. Let me introduce my self.
My name Niro Thoriq Marifatullah. You can call me Niro. I'm Indonesian. I was born on August 20, 1998 in Malang. I'm 18 years old now. My hobbies are sport, photography, and travelling. I study at University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Economic and Business Faculty. Majoring Finance and Banking. You can call my name if you meet me. Thats all, thankyou 💦
#d3b_c #hanyatugas #espwritting

Hallo guys. Let me introduce my self. My name is Agil Indra Kurniawan. You can call me agil. I live in Malang Tanjungrejo. I was born in Malang 23th August 1997. I am a student majoring in finance and syariah banking at the Muhammadiyah University of Malang. My hobby is playing a guitar. Thanks.

Hello friends.😉 Let me introduce my self.
My name Yoseph Elfrid Baga Bata. I was born in Maumere 25, january 1998.
My hobby is playing chess and swimming. I address the housing estate villa tidar number 23. I studied at the University Muhamadya malang, D3 study program in finance and banking. #d3b_c

Hai, my names alkindi akbar you can can call me Al? Kin? Di? Alkin? Kindi? I was born in nganjuk on 1998 now i 18 y.o, i live in malang, i only have 1 sister and i love her somuch, i have a favorit singer thats is @raisa6690 , and i have a wife dream in future, thats is @wirda_mansur haha, you can follow my twitter in @alkindi6 , you can call my name if you meet me, thats all, im sorry wassalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh
#d3b_c #cumatugas #janganserius #tapiyangistriserius #wirdamansuristridaman

haii ...
my name istydah , I enrolled at the University Muhamadyah , I was in college majoring in finance and banking, I come from Malang, and I was also born in Malang on julli 01, 1997, my hobby dancing and playing music

Hello every one, Let me Introduce myself in a short My full name is BUDI SANTOSO and my friends usually call Ipank, I Was born 24 Februari 1996. It means Im twenty one years old. Im from bali island.
Okey I think that all about my personal identity, if you want know more about me letak visite my home in jetis.
Thanks a lot.

Hello everybody !! I want to introduce my self !! Okey, my name is Bagas Satriya. Everybody call me Agass. I was born in Situbondo city, October 17 1996. I from Surabaya city. Now I studied at the Muhammadiyah Malang University. I majored in Diploma 3 Finance and Banking. My dream is to move the sea of people because I am a DJ !! Okey this real guys 😎
📷 by : @jefriyanto98

#staycool #kekinian #dj #discjockey #hits #ngalam #malangnightlife #malangclubers #malanghits #socialehouse #electro #mix #musician #instagram #like4like #agass #music #D3B_C #tugas #instapic #quotes #phototheday #2017

Hello everybody, i would like to introduce my self. My name is Faishal Dwi Saputra and you can call me Faishal. I come from Blitar. I was born in Blitar, on 31Juny1997. Iam a student of economics and business, in D-3 Finance and banking at Muhammadiyah University. My hobby is playing football, futsal, and badminton. My ambition is to be one of the most successfull person. Thanks for your attention. Have a nice day☺☺

Hy guys✋my name imam wahyudi, can you call me a wahyu or yudi, I was born in Pamekasan, Madura,july_08_1997, my hobbies are futsal and football, now I am studying at University of Muhammadiyah Malang, the faculty of economics and business, majoring D3 finance💰 and banking,🏦 #d3b_c

Hai ☺
It's me Agustin Wulandari here. Everybody calls me Cut. I was born as the oldest for my twin brothers. I really like to do some activities such as shopping, reading and other girl's stuffs. My actual home is in Pasuruan but I live in Malang for now on because of my study. Nineteen years ago, my mother gave me a birth in Pasuruan August 2nd 1997. My major is Diploma Financial and Banking. I'd like to be a young interpreneur. Malang spread hood atmosphere for me to study. Besides there are so many friends here for me to talk to. #D3B_C

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