Happy earth day 🌎🌍🌏
We always thrive to create pieces that are everlasting and we avoid fast trends and overconsumption when designing our pieces. Our art is meant and made to last a lifetime. That’s why we create timeless pieces that serve a multipurpose. Together we can be a little eco-conscious everyday from what we eat, how we recycle, and what we buy. We hope everyone has an amazing earth day. 🌿✨

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On this day we celebrate our beautiful Earth, I introduce you to FERNWEH. Fresh out of the studio, this globe rounds out my travel series of the same name. She is the perfect memento for all of you wanderlusters out there...who just can’t shake that feeling of wanting to see more of our amazing planet. / fernweh = a feeling of homesickness for places you’ve never been; wanderlust / dm with inquires before it hits my shop ✌🏼🌍 (see entire globe in stories)

Just added 5 new scrunchie colors to my shop 🌸 hope you guys like them!
Photo: @whitneyalyson.jpg
Model: @shandimacbush
Scrunchies: @madisonlaurendesigns

This AMAZING ☀️ has me high off life and super excited to ship this baby off to its new home! I have a few dahlia paintings left for sale on my site (link in bio☝🏼)! Happy Sunday everyone! 💃🏻🌼🥂

Fancy ☂️

Made my signiture cake for my Birthday gathering this weekend. 💜 Blueberry Lemon Poppyseed 💛 This was my very first stacked cake!! How did I do?

Been MIA this weekend enjoying family time ❤️❤️ my fave!

#wip Part 1. Flowers seem to take me forever to paint so I only filmed the first little bit (45 min shown in 1 min) and to be honest I’m not sure how I feel about it...but I’m posting it anyway! The finished piece is on my story if you are curious 🌸 #tempuradesign #illustrationnow #winsorandnewton

Thank you, Earth Day, for helping us remember that although conversations about consumerism and stewardship are essential, and complicated, it’s each of our responsibilities to make simple, thoughtful choices throughout each day. Here, we’re focusing on reducing our use of plastics, because I find the amount we go through, while probably “normal,” is rather horrifying 🌹 On a slightly related note, I made a rose necklace to match the rose post earrings. It is available today for $38 shipped (prior to being listed). Please message if interested ❤️
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Hi. Forever a #plantlady I’m a little obsessed with these monstera leaf earrings. That is all. Oh! And happy Earth Day! 🌿🌎#earthdayeveryday #fortheloveofplants #gussiedhandmade

Day 19 •° Listening to art  and seeing music.

Looking for new ways? Yes that's totally me. And when I learn that someone else found this way too I get frustrated as I felt so proud of my 'invention'. I don't know where this habit comes from or why I feel like losing something when I am not the first and only anymore. All I know that it is kind of disturbing as it contains distraction from myself. I decided to get rid of this feeling and to welcome anyones chasing ups on my road and making friends with them. Hello friends. Calling all creatives to set up a world of a common spirit of creation and blissful happiness. (My earth day confession and new intention.)

Anything that you want to let go today? It is a good time to do that now. We are the builders of our new earth and there should be clarity about it. Please share it in the comments. Love to YOU. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Happy 🌎 day.

My New Ballerina ✨🕊💛

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