Happy Summer Solstice ☀️ to those in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Winter Solstice ❄️ to those in the Southern. Very grateful to be celebrating the Summer Solstice here in Ibiza, feeling very in tune and in flow with both my inner and outer seasons. It’s amazing what happens when we take note of the 4 phases of our cycle and accept ourselves as cyclic beings. I’ve not felt so relaxed, connected and confident for a long time. Our cycle is an amazing guide and a blue print to living more authentically and in tune. Wish I’d known this secret a long time ago, it should be taught to girls in school! Understanding our cycle means that we can learn to live in harmony rather than fight against our natural way of being☀️❤️ I recommend reading Miranda Gray and The Red School to all woman, including those pre or post menopausal or following hysterectomy ❤️#menstrualcycleawareness #cycleawareness #cyclicwoman #embracingfemininity #notthesameasmen

affirmations :: I’m most drawn to working with affirmations and journaling during my luteal phase. That seems to be the phase of my cycle I’m most prone to a spinning mind, and these practices rein it in a bit ❤️❤️❤️ .
love using this #upliftedjournal from @larkinyogatv during this phase. It’s such a sweet, organizing container to help hold my big #innerautumn energy ❤️❤️❤️
Remember, there are lots of amazing routines and self care practices AND you don’t have to use them everyday for them to be effective. Follow your own rhythms and you’ll discover which tools you’ll need ❤️❤️❤️ #cyclicwoman .
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Every woman is like an underground river. No matter how hurt, diminished or beaten we feel, we can hide under the surface and when our wounds are healed, we can emerge again - stronger.
• • •
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Deze tempelmiddag zal dit keer gaan over het vieren van de zomer, het hoogtepunt van deze jaarcyclus van 2018. We vieren wat we hebben, we vieren ons lichaam, we vieren de warmte en de groei en bloei van de natuur en van onszelf.
We begeven ons in de uitbundige energie die nog verder zal stijgen om op de zonnewende op zijn piek te komen. Begin deze juni gaan we alvast onze zegeningen tellen, rust nemen, de natuur is tot volle wasdom gekomen en ook wij nemen even pauze en rust om te achterom te kijken en daarnaast om ook vooruit te kijken. Het is de tijd van het archetype van de Moeder en van de volwassen, sensuele vrouw. We zijn op de top van ons kunnen, onze vruchtbaarheid, onze magie, op de top van wie we kunnen zijn in ons leven. Alles komt tot bloei en wil gezien en gehoord en gevoeld worden in de wereld. We zijn als een zon die straalt over het landschap. Dit is de tijd van empowerment, van kracht en van het ego; we zijn stevig verankerd in de materie en in wie wij zijn op deze wereld en wat ons te doen staat. We vieren dit, onze zelfrealisatie, ons zijn in dit leven, met alle emoties, alle rollecoaster-rides, alle volheid van het leven, dat vieren wij.
De Vrouwe in het rood is degene die ons leidt op deze middag. We gaan ons richten op haar lijfelijke kant, we richten ons op wat we willen, kunnen, wie we zijn, wat we in ons dragen. We richten ons nog niet op de herfst , maar één oog is al gericht op de oogstfeesten. We vieren volheid, bloei, lichaam en natuur, zon en warmte, de volle maan, de vrouwe in de rode sluier die is wie zij is, in volle glorie. Ze nodigt ons uit om onszelf te omarmen om wie wij zijn, wat we doen in de wereld, om ons lichaam te vieren en onze emoties.

Dit alles doen we zoals gewoonlijk binnen het sjamanistisch kader en binnen de tradities van noordwest Europa. We hebben een middag met vrouwen, in alle veiligheid in vertrouwen, waar je even lekker jezelf kunt zijn, waar je niets MOET, waar je alles MAG, waar je jezelf kunt uiten zonder dat er over je geoordeeld wordt en waar je de zachtheid maar ook de kracht van het zusterschap mag ervaren om je te sterken en te verwarmen.

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Lluna plena a Sagitari. Hi ha llunes plenes que ens omplen d'eufòria, n'hi ha que ens presionen cap al canvi, amb les pors que aquestes comporten, un canvi de dins cap a fora i tot seguit, de fora cap a dins. Per mi, avui, és la segona. 🌕 C I C L I Q U E S.
Full moon in Sagittarius. There's full moons that fill you up with euphoria. There are others that set you up towards inevitable change, bringing some fears to the surface, from inside out and from outside inwards. For me today, is the second one.


#happyfullmoon #feliçllunaplena

✨Cinturón lunar agata amarilla
✨ Yellow agate moon belt
Protección💫Fuerza💫 Armonía
El agata amarilla es una piedra protectora y que da esperanza. Enciende la pasión por la vida y la creatividad.
El cinturón lunar te ayuda a sintonizar con tu esencia femenina al adornar tu vientre, reconociendo a tu mujer cíclica.

Protection💫 Strength💫 Harmony
Yellow agate is a healing crystal of protection and new hope.
Stirs up passion for life and creativity
The lunar belt hrlps to tune in your feminine essence, by adorning your womb, honouring your cyclic woman.

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Following my natural moontime instead of contraceptives was one of the best things in my woman-life I have ever done. How do you prevent pregnancy?

Photo by Mymoontime.rtfi.re

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Luna gibbona che cresci dentro e fuori di me, ciclica come il mutare delle maree.. #moon #waxinggibbousmoon #cyclicwoman #tides #tidesinsideme

Hier et aujourd'hui c'était formation à la symptothermie avec @eugenie.universelle.fr
Enfin toutes les clefs en mains !
Heureuse de pouvoir appliquer La méthode en harmonie avec mes convictions personnelles !

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Buenas Lindas Mujeres!!!🌺🌺🌺💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 Os recuerdo que el próximo martes 29/05 de 18 a 20h tenemos convocado Círculo de Mujeres. Además esta vez coindice con la Luna Llena de Mayo🌕🌕🌕, la llamada festividad Wesak o Luna Llena de Buda. Alguna meditación haremos para celebrar juntas este día tan especial!!! Confirmad las que sí que vengáis. Gracias!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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¡¡¡Me encanta colaborar con proyectos como el de Nur.organic!!!👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩
El proyecto resuena 100% con mi idea de #empoderamientofemenino #mujerciclica #ciclosmenstruales #poderfemenino
#womenempowerment #cyclicwoman #menstrualcycles #womenpower

Asegurar la libre circulación del #QiXue de hígado que pueda regular el flujo de Xue hacia el útero y éste pueda nutrirse. Menstruación, fertilidad y acupuntura en la mujer #amazing #fertility #acupuncture #menstruation #cyclicwoman #balance #health #acupuntura #fertilidad #fertilidadnatural #fertilidadfemenina #saludfemenina #womenwhoexplore

“There is little understanding and allowance for the realities of being a cycling woman—let alone celebration.” “There is no shame in tears. There is a need for anger. Blood will flow. Speak your truth. Follow your intuition. Nurture your body. But above all … Let yourself rest.” 👊🏼💋 #selfcare #itsokaynottoalwaysbeokay #selflove #cyclicwoman
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I've never been a 9 to 5 girl. I wake up some mornings at 4 am ready to go. And other days, I can't be bothered to be productive until 4 pm.

I never understood why Fridays had to be the best day of the week because we get off work. What if I want to work on Saturday and take off Friday?
I used to beat myself up over it, though. Wondering why I couldn't get on the same schedule as the rest of the world was seemingly on.
I don't now, though. Like all women, I'm cyclic and I've learned to move with my personal rhythms. It all always gets done. And the more I trust myself, the easier it all becomes.
My heart is full when I work on Sundays and share my love of crystals with an incredible group of women. My heart is full on Friday evenings as I furiously type away a new post. And my heart is full on Wednesday, when after teaching in the morning I take the afternoon to myself.
Everyday feels like the weekend when you spend them doing the things you love. It's what being a #bossbabe is all about.

🌕🌝 🐺
I love repeating a word & hearing it as though it was the first time I ever heard it before.
Sounds fierce but sensitive.
Smooth .
I can imagine this sound coming from an animal in the jungle calling it’s mate- It exudes seduction
but purpose.
But an intriguing sound.
The way my lips pucker
and then part,
and then at the very same time my tongue meets the roof of my mouth for a split second.
Dark and light.
The suns light reflected on a rock shining brighter than anything else in the nights sky.. The way that light shines onto the seas,
and the streets,
and into our homes,
anywhere it can meet.
In charge of the tides,
master of the waters.
It’s force dependant on its relationship with us-
the earth.
And of course if you’ve ever felt it’s spell in your own body,
illuminating an aliveness,
an undeniable play between you and the moon Deep inside for as many lives before you and the first.
The ties between each parcel of matter in this universe and us.
And how the Sun and the Moon speak to each other at night
echoing information to us through different shapes written out above.
#happyfullmoon #fullmoon #moonwoman #cyclicwoman #divinefeminine

Hoy: Luna llena en Escorpio🔼Sabías que...⤵
..."Cada mujer dispone de una naturaleza cíclica única y a su vez, su ciclo está íntimamente relacionado con las fases de la luna...El ciclo menstrual era para nuestras antepasadas una fuente de maravillosas energías creativas, espirituales, sexuales, emocionales, mentales y físicas. Se trataba de un don que impulsaba a la mujer a renovarse cada mes, a manifestar y crear el mundo que la rodeaba, a conectar profundamente con la tierra y la familia, así como a expresar su sabiduría e intuición..."(Extracto del libro Luna Roja de Miranda Gray)

Mujeres, nos invito a conectar con todo esto, para que poco a poco volvamos a las raíces y nos empoderemos nuevamente como DIOSAS que somos🙏

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I am feeling full
And beautiful
And kind
And strong
And powerful
And wise
And humble
Mother fucking Divine!
And . And. And. And.
AND AND AND I am a woman.
A creative force
Dark & light
Complex and in flux
With the cycles of the night.
I am a woman..
Just a woman.
A woman.
#expressyourself #womenrewilding #cyclicwoman #writtenword #poetrymaybe #divinefeminine

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