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Just sitting down to plan out March. Inspired by @mandalasformamas , I am starting by mapping out my energy highs and lows based on my body so I can set marketing meetings appropriately. Excited to see how it goes!!! #selfcompassion #selfcare #cyclicwoman #femaleentrepreneur #womeninbiz

“Protégete con palabras y árboles
e invoca la memoria de mujeres antiguas.

Haz saber que eres un campo magnético
hacia el que viajarán aullando los clavos herrumbrados
y el óxido mortal de todos los naufragios.

Ampara, pero ampárate primero
Guarda las distancias
Constrúyete. Cuídate
Atesora tu poder
Hazlo por ti
Te lo pido en nombre de todas nosotras.” GIOCONDA BELLI
Aceptar y abrazar a nuestra hermosa naturaleza cíclica

Gioconda Belli

Well, good morning moon!! 💖🌓 thanks for reminding me to let my light shine in unexpected ways ✨✨✨✨✨✨
#lunarliving #cyclicwoman #moonmother

Cold, Georgia Peaches - Garden Basil - Cracked Pepper - Art Tatum Jazz ... The Sunday Sweet Life 💋🌿💋🌿💋 Eating for my pre-ovulatory energies is always quick and easy. 🌿Moon Cacao Cleanse starts in about a week! 🌿I'll be teaching you all about how to cleanse while honoring the eating psychology of your cyclic nature, crafting a temple of love and bliss for your Divine Feminine! 🌿Want to join us? I would love to guide you! 🌿Come on over to my bio for the link or go to www.MoonCacaoCleanse.com to read more and sign up!✨

Working with #cycles this weekend, seeing the comparison between the seasons and our female menstrual cycle and what that means for us #divinefeminine #goddess #cyclicwoman #menstrualawareness

These awesome little books on #ovulation awareness are available in the #apothecary downstairs. I truly believe that one of the most empowering things a #woman can do is learn the intricacies of her monthly cycle. Give author @samanthazipporah a follow, as she is doing some amazing things in the world of women. 🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘 #goddessrising #womensempowerment #cyclicwoman #fertileasfuck

It feels good to be in a familiar setting after 3 weeks in Thailand.
I have my favorite grocery stores down pat when it comes to sifting through all of the crap .
I had so many new experiences and so many duties alleviated while on my travels-
it was so nice,
but i am anxious to get back into the swing of things in terms of a healthy routine.
I know idealy i should be able to bring that with me wherever i go , but lets get real. It is hard enough in a structured environment to keep that balance. Well atleast at this point in my life. Growth is a dance right? I am a woman, nothing is linear ;) #healthylifestyle #balance #gettingbackintothegroove #healthyeating #plantbased #plantbasedhome #vegetables #cyclicwoman #healthyhabits #wholefood #personalgrowth #groceryday #groceryideas

I woke up 32 years old this morning! 💕💜💕
This trip around the sun I pray to move slower, give gratitude daily for this precious life, do more that feels intuitive and aligns with my #pms (personal mission statement), and deepen my relationship with Mother Earth and the creatures who roam this planet with us. I feel like this year is going to be a very spiritual one and a year of nourishing my relationships while new ones bud. 🌷
This year I hope to learn more about myself while I work on stripping away old conditionings. It's another year of figuring out my place in the world and what a "feminine badass" really means to me. 👐🏽
Abby aka Feminine Badass 😉

#birthday #divinefeminine #femininebadass #pisces #naturalmovement #feminity #selfcare #thisis32 #adventure #celebration #cyclicwoman


I thrive in my virginity, that is, the rebirth of my pre-ovulatory, Virgin archetype energies. 🍊We are so often born-again Virgins. All of us. Male and female. 🍊Whenever we travel to a new land or dine in a new venue or meet a new face, we are Virgins walking in. 🍊All can hold the holy of the new! 🍊That's how I felt eating this dragon fruit. I've never eaten one of these in its purest and whole form. 🍊 I'm just now exiting my Sage, my period, and now moving into my Virgin, my pre-ovulation time. 🍊 To pair rituals and symbolism with these shifts within our wombs makes space for integrity, embodiment and personal power, not to mention beauty. 🍊 I teach this in my virtual course Moon Goddess Miracles, which is coming up this Autumn! To be in the loop of the details, follow the link in my bio and join the waitlist! 🍊Loving every ounce of your cyclic wisdom, my Sistar. Watching women come home to this is one of the grandest highlights and joys of my time on Earth this round! 🌟

#100diasmujerholistica Día 9. Disfrutando uno de los últimos picnics del verano. Aquí he aprendido a valorar la belleza de cada estación y lo que aportan a nuestra vida. Todas las estaciones representan una oportunidad para conectar con nuestras sensaciones y para mirar la vida desde otra óptica. #cyclicwoman #lifeisnow #enjoyingmyself #picnicandmusic #ravinia

Writing my intent for the new moon cycle. Do you use this powerful and natural force for creation? It's a time to rest, reflect and trust. #awakeningwomen #lunarabundance #cyclicwoman

My luteal/enchantress phase is when I seem to have to most energy to CLEAN and PURGE. I think it has to do with a need to really SEE what's holding me back from brilliance ✨✨✨ and all the stuff just gets in the way. .
Which phase of your cycle gives you all the clean everything feels? Share below ⬇️😊🙌🏻🙌🏻
One thing #cycletrackingforselfcare has taught me is that when I feel the urge to do something, like cleaning, I should follow it because in a couple of days the vibe will shift and something else will have my attention. Sustainable self care for a #cyclicwoman means riding the waves of energy and motivation rather than following a strict, all-or-nothing routine. .
I know the rest of the week will be pretty rigorous so my self care will shift towards ease and comfort. Shifting some of the stagnant energy of the piles of stuff will create a lot more space for taking moments of rest when I get the chance 💕💕💕
#menstrualcycleawareness #progressivecycletracker #sharemycycle #moonmother 🌗

Cold, Georgia Peaches - Garden Basil - Cracked Pepper - Art Tatum Jazz ... The Sunday Sweet Life 💋🌿💋🌿💋 Eating for my pre-ovulatory energies is always quick and easy. 🌿Moon Cacao Cleanse starts in about a week! 🌿I'll be teaching you all about how to cleanse while honoring the eating psychology of your cyclic nature, crafting a temple of love and bliss for your Divine Feminine! 🌿Want to join us? I would love to guide you! 🌿Come on over to my bio for the link or go to www.MoonCacaoCleanse.com to read more and sign up!✨

Temporada de eclipses/ Hablando con lo invisible.

what it is...is a place where I can return to myself. It's enough of a scramble to get to...that the energy expended is significant, and it translates into a change in my body chemistry and my psychological chemistry and my heart chemistry... Jay Salter
#thegreatoutdoors #hikingchicks #hikingcanada #beautifulbritishcolumbia
#hiking #centurysam
#mountaintherapy #foresttherapy #evolvingyourenlightenment #womenrewilding #cyclicwoman #selfcare #teetotal #thrivingplantbased #yogi

La luna 🌙

#cinturonlunar #piedraluna #piedralunarcoiris #hechoamano #mujerciclica #mujerancestral #bendiciondeutero #memoriasancestrales #divinofemenino #piezasamedida #piezasporencargo #piezasunicas #belt #moonstone #rainbowmoonstone #moonbelt #handmade#cyclicwoman #ancestralwoman #ancestralmemories #madetorder #divinefeminine #uniquepieces

Estrechamente vinculada a la luna, esta piedra muestra un carácter femenino y acuático, facilita lo relacionado con la meditación, el sueño, la memoria, telepatía y clarividencia. trabaja sobre todos los chakras... Estimula la reflexión interior, sintonización con lo Divino Femenino....Ayuda en la regularización del ciclo menstrual.

Closely linked with the Moon, this stone shows a feminine and flowing character, facilitates meditation, dreams, memory, telepathy and clairvoyance. Works on all chakras...Stimulates inner reflection, attunement with the Divine Feminine....Aids in regulating menstrual cycles.

This summer i am trying something different. I am in the dismantling phase of labeling certain foods "good food" and "bad food".
I am practicing to be comfortable with a little extra chub here and there, and break free from the torturing dieting mindset that I've been hostage to for a long time.
So my new motto is Eat.
and eat mindfully,
so that i can truly enjoy food and end this inner war dialogue ..
And So that i can really choose what i put in my body , not for how it'll make me look
for how it makes me FEEL--In that moment.
This is the beginning of a healthy food relationship AND what i think will then naturally lead to a TRULY healthy mind /body connection.
To feel feelings and fuel with food.
To embrace my aging body and rid these unrealistic ideals of what I should look like in a bikini each summer . I can't preach holistic health and not practice WHOLElistic health. Healthy mind = healthy body.
And i know i will feel nice and strong with a strong healthy mind going into my yoga teacher journey in September.
Be kind to yourselves this summer ladies and gentleman .
Love your body - practice healthy mind🙏🌙
#healthymind #yogicpath #selfcare #realtalk #womenshealth #plantbased #mindbodysoul #ahimsa #womenrewilding #moonwoman #cyclicwoman #teetotal #teetotaler

I sit alone
Only physical to the eye until you
I cannot deny this love
Tingling fingers with swirls of energy binding us
Soothing seductive feminity
The subtle energies
but grander than any
Dance and flow through the roots of my souls resting place
I shine like you shine now
Inside this body
But tied to you always
Until we meet again
I return to this space
With this same openess
So that we can dance at night
Eyes closed
No need to see
Because i feel you
Inside and with me 🌓 🌝🌚🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘
#expression #poetry #cyclicwoman
#moonwoman #yogi #moonfeels
#spiritualbeinghavingahumanexperience #spiritual #wisdom #soultalk #divinefeminine #innerknowing #meditation

Hurá, konečně jsem znovu CYKLICKÁ ŽENA!!! Moje 10-ti měsíční PMS je u konce. Požehnaná menstruace 🌚🌋🌝 #cyklickazena #cyclicwoman #menstruace #menstruation #zivotnycyklus #lifecycle #faze #phase #ženství #womenhood #zivotasmrt #lifeanddeath #zrození #birth #znovuzrozeni #rebirth #proměna #transformation

Mama Quilla.

For day 6 of #goddessOMgrowth we were asked to strike a pose in a different #goddess #asana so i opted for a little mini next to these gorgeous blossom trees that are scattered all over where i live.
Our task today is to say something that we are good at.
I think that i am good at making things pretty.
Not in a neat or "normal" way .. (whatever that really means).
But more of aaa ,
got my own stamp on it
often messy but still passable kind of way 🌸
Everyday i like to make something pretty 😊
and it feels creative ,
and i like that.
So Generally speaking, that's what i think i am really good at.. And it's nice. .
@monikakuriata @sunshine_mama27 @saveserenityyoga
@patillabite @orendaindiacopper @saveserenitymalas @nuxactive @infinitystrap @omgoddess.clothing .
#yoga #igyogacommunity #igyogachallenge #myyogajourney #yogaishealing #teetotal #selfcare #yogicpath #goddesspose #divinefeminine #cyclicwoman #yogapractice #yogapracticenotperfect

Hay proyectos en los que das y te sientes satisfecha pero hay otros en los que además te aportan crecimiento, mucha más energía, ilusión, vitalidad y creatividad y este es el CÍRCULO DE MUJERES REAL gracias a las mujeres que lo integran despierta todo esto y mucho más en mi. Muchas Gracias también por invitarme a colaborar @sergirufi, gran profesional, inspirador, original , pionero en transmitir la psicología y espiritualidad y en la iniciativa del CÍRCULO DE HOMBRES REAL y en CÍRCULO DE MUJERES REAL. Gracias por ayudarme a encender una estrella que brillará hasta la eternidad en mi, el compromiso de aportar mi granito de arena para generar el cambio que queremos ver en el mundo. ❤️️#cristinariera #círculodemujeres #círculodehombres #womanwisdom #cyclicwoman #woman #man #mujeres #hombres #amor #proyecto #bethechange #love #wisdom #psicologíayespiritualidad #spirituality #espiritualidad

Flashback to this day- a couple years ago i set off on a wildlife adventure. A looong boat ride away from civilization , 7 hours walking into rugged forest, & a very close encounter with a black bear to get to the beautiful Della falls- the 2nd largest waterfall in North America. . From there about 3 and a half hours up an insane incline lay little Love Lake. This photo doesn't do this place justice. What an experience too.. As much as i love diversity and 'other' human influence, nature is so
solid.. Unpredictable,
but peaceful and grounding and ...
That is why i think nature time is a pre req &
go to
for loving ourselves.
It can lead us to our inner most authentic selves
if we just allow ourselves to stop and access the natural harmonious connection that just is. .

#lovemesomenature #naturetherapy #nature #hiking #hikingcanada #hikingchicks #grounding #beautifulbritishcolumbia #selflove #connection #realness #health #lovelake #selfcare #womenshealth #cyclicwoman

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