Coucou Insta ! 🌷 Comment allez vous? Ici ca va le 🌞 brille et les 🐦 chantent c'est le bonheur, il fait super beau et chaud vraiment génial, on ressort les jupes, robes, nus pieds et ça c'est le top !! 🤗👌
Sinon ce matin petit test d'ovu selon Flo cela devait être aujourd'hui mais la deuxième barre était plus foncée hier donc j'ai bien l'impression qu'on l'a loupée.. !! 😡 Et oui pcq en plus de l'abstinence depuis samedi (à cause du rdv) j'ai eu l'hystero mardi et je pense que c'était ce jour là... donc ca sera un mois blanc et un cycle court je crois... 😑
Sinon la secrétaire du gynéco m'a enfin dit qu'il avait les résultats du spermogramme de Chéri.. heureusement que l'on relance mais bon aucune indication.. Pff Chéri commence à penser qu'il a vraiment qqch. On verra rdv le 25 je vous redirais... Bonne journée ensoleillée mes jolies 😘
#essaibebe #essayeuse #conception #desirdegrossesse #devenirmaman #cycle12 #examens #printemps #soleil #bonheur

Hello les girls ! 🌼 Ayé hystero passée ben on peut quand même dire que ca fait mal...! 😵 Heureusement j'ai eu des femmes et un médecin qui ont été super avec moi, qui m'ont soutenue et tout expliquer. A priori il n'y a rien mais je suis en attente des résultats définitifs. Toujours pas de nouvelles du spermogramme de Chéri 😡😡 On sait pas si le labo a bien envoyé les résultats, si le gynéco les a bien reçu pfff je crois qu'on va lui rentrer dans le lard au prochain rendez-vous (on y va le 25, dans 1 semaine) j'ai quand même appelé deux fois la secrétaire en lui demandant qu'il nous appelle!! Du coup je suis persuadée que Chéri à qqch et qu'il veut pas nous dire au téléphone... 😱😈 On verra plus qu'à attendre... Désolée je post pas beaucoup mais je vous suis. Bizette mes jolies 💋💜 #essaibebe #conception #devenirmaman #desirdegrossesse #cycle12 #examens #

Quand tu vois l'ordonnance et que tu as déjà une pression monstrueuse... 😭 #essaibebe #conception #desirdegrossesse #devenirmaman #examens #bebe #cycle12

Coucou les girls, comment ça va? Ici la photo représente un peu mon état d'esprit... Un coeur pour l'amour que l'on se porte l'un à l'autre (et heureusement) 💏, un ciel bleu pour la joie de revoir enfin le ciel clair et le soleil 🌞 et le nuage qui cache le soleil ⛅ pour la grisaille qui se loge dans mon esprit et dans mon coeur petit à petit.. 😧
J'ai eu mes 🔴 aujourd'hui (cycle de 25 jours) on entame le cycle 12 pfff 😢
Toujours pas de nouvelles pour le spermogramme de Chéri et pour mon hystérosalpingographie j'ai rendez-vous le 17 avril. Sympa le gynéco ne m'a pas dit que l'on devait faire une prise de sang pour être sûr de ne pas être enceinte (merci de remuer le couteau dans la plaie.. 😭) donc on verra... Du coup j'ai pas le moral.
Allez bisette et bon week-end mes jolies 😘
#essaibebe #conception #desirdegrossesse #devenirmaman #examens #cycle12 #angoisse #paslemoral

Juno conjunct Neptune Cycle 12: Helping or Hurting Hands? Teaming up with those who contribute to your salvation or suffering. In love with an addict; Trauma Bonds. Learning to forgive and be forgiven. Acceptance and allowance of flaws in human relationships. Enabling Unhealthy Unions. Group magic: shared meditation, yoga, healing, charitable efforts, creative projects, rituals. Deceit and secrets within relationships. Secret liaisons. Psychic synchronicity with those you are really close to. Spiritual marriage and cosmic partnership (soul contracts); healing treatments. Paying back karmic debts with people we have known before. Meeting personal wounds in the reflection of relationship. #junoneptune #piscesjuno #neptunepisces #cycle12 #surfingyoursolarcycles

Sun at the last degree of Cycle 12 & the entire Zodiac: 29 degrees Pisces: INHALE CONFIDENCE, EXHALE DOUBT. #piscessun #cycle12 #surfingyoursolarcycles

New Moon conjunct Chiron Cycle 12; square Mars in Cycle 9: Our most personal private frozen-in-time Sorrows, melt when we realize what happened ‘then’ is no longer happening ‘now’ - so there’s no need to revisit the thoughts and feelings connected. Time to get angry about past injustices and turn that fuel to building inner-peace, self-acceptance, wisdom gained from experience, letting ourselves be human and releasing emotions in a safe space. Secret plans to find release from confinement and relief from judgmental “shoulds’. Exploring alternative practices: prayer, chanting, creative visualization, development of intuition, energy work. Spirituality as a daily practice silently between ourselves and Something Greater free of the need to correct, label, critique or convince. Restless Busy-ness(in mind & action) adds anxiety whereas mindfulness stretches time and dramatically lowers cortisol (stress hormones). The best time to let go of emotional attachments to the insatiable pursuit of vindication, proof or the correcting of past emotional trespasses... #piscesnewmoon #surfingyoursolarcycles #cycle12 #sagittariusmars #newmoon #cycle9

Sun Cycle 12 trine Jupiter Cycle 8: trusting that the universe has your back attracts synchronicity and Ensures Being In The Right Place At The Right Time. Letting energy flow and letting things go, soothes dis-ease, unblocks resistance & facilitates a constant current of healing. ‘Good karma’ from other lives paid back handsomely, or the creation of good karma through selfless acts of kindness. Donating (time, money, clothes). Listening to your hunches/gut/instincts/intuition brings immense rewards. Empathy for those experiencing difficult transitions. Transcendent Sex. Releasing deep emotional pain. Forgiveness empowers. #sunjupiter #piscessun #scorpiojupiter #cycle8 #cycle12 #surfingyoursolarcycles

Mars Cycle 9 square Chiron Cycle 12: righteous anger healed by unconditional love, acceptance, acknowledgement then release. Pity parties feed angry egos. Do you want to be right or do you want to be at peace? Getting outside or being on the move melts isolation and sadness. Meditation and mindfulness ease unhealthy, insatiable desires for More. #marschiron #sagittariusmars #pisceschiron #cycle9 #cycle12 #surfingyoursolarcycles

Sun Cycle 12; Moon Cycle 8: Feelings run DEEP. Just don’t drown. #surfingyoursolarcycles #cycle8 #cycle12 #piscessun #scorpiomoon

“It’s okay if the only thing you did today was breathe..” Sun/Neptune Cycle 12. #surfingyoursolarcycles #cycle12 #piscessun #piscesneptune

Sun Cycle 12 conjunct Neptune Cycle 12: the drive to take the weight off, lighten the load, soften the edges and float a while. Energy levels fluctuate. Psychic perceptions heighten; so too do delusions and misunderstandings. Active night dreams, slipping into daydreams. Creatively inspired time. Forgetting things, losing things, not paying attention. Finding yourself staring out the window. Desire for a strong drink, getting high, music to get lost in, some form of enchantment and “ahh-ooh” vibe, peace and quiet, movies, magic and mystery. Subtext; covert and hidden motives and plans. Weak-will power. Spiritual surrender (meditation, prayer). Letting things go. Questions with no answers...just yet. Releasing resistance: (tears, sighs, exercise, orgasms). Nothing is quite what it seems, rely on yourself and your own intuition until further notice. Exhale, and drop your shoulders... #sunneptune #piscessun #piscesneptune #cycle12

Full Moon in Cycle 6 (Virgo) opposing Sun/Neptune Cycle 12: Rehab? Dire need for detox, cleansing/cleaning, repairing & reparation amidst a time of drifting escapism, easy intoxication and shady shenanigans. Getting back into the body instead of getting lost in your head or in emotional wallowing. Being Sober or Sensible brings longer lasting fulfillment than satisfying addictive appetites now. Working out the small steps & details of your Bigger Picture. Implementing healthy routine after falling into bad habits. Work First; Play Later. Helping others helps ourselves. Emotional reactivity could lead to criticism and looking for problems, not solutions. Simplicity as remedy for stress/anxiety/overwhelm. Having to be “on” in spite of a strong pull to “switch off”. #virgofullmoon #cycle6 #cycle12 #surfingyoursolarcycles #piscessun #virgomoon #piscesvirgo #sunmoon #fullmoon

Whenever you are, keep yourself together #yekindo #cycle12 #societysucks

Today, the Mercury (communication) square Mars (assertive, aggressive) aspect is exact: PEOPLE ARE PISSY! Anger and Arguments are easy under this weather. So is impatience, biting off more than you can chew, over-stretching & over-promising, silly risks, forgetfulness and clumsiness (i broke two glasses after posting this). Though we may THINK we’re being clear, we may actually be vague/confusing (Mercury Cycle 12) and while you may think you’re Doing the Right Thing (Mars Cycle 9) you may be following an outdated “should” and wasting your time. All we can say for sure is: Avoid arrogance and arguments. 😎 #surfingyoursolarcycles #cycle9 #cycle12 #mercurymars #piscesmercury #sagittariusmars

Venus Cycle 12 sextile Pluto Cycle 10: working (successfully) to overcome all Shadow Material that surfaces through Interaction. Real Love that transcends death and survives all manner of obstacle or Test. #piscesvenus #plutocapricorn #cycle10 #cycle12 #surfingyoursolarcycles #venuspluto

This jacket is so cool!❤️ I love the colors on it too. Main reason why I drew this was because of her eyes, it’s exactly what my style is!❤️ #alliharvard #Allison #americasnexttopmodel #cycle12 #jacket #antm #someregrets #drawing #art #color #stetchbook #stetch

Venus conjunct Neptune Cycle 12: fairy tale romance; yearning, burning for someone unavailable, out of reach, not what you thought (for better or worse) - - or cosmically perfect. Magical meetings & moments. Enjoying an escape from reality: flights of fancy; dreams or delusions, drug or alcohol fueled fantasy. Divinely inspired imaginative creations. Spending money to feel better. Following your heart no matter the consequences. “Rose colored glasses”. Falling deeply in love with the risk of drowning or ending up lost at sea or washed up on lonely shores. Refusals to accept Red Flags and warning signs. Seeing the best in others no matter what reality present. Expectations and their fulfillment or deep disappointment. Vague promises; sweetly whispered words. Charmers. Poets. Enjoying altering your emotional state in any way possible. #venusneptune #cycle12 #venuspisces #neptunepisces

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