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Jared and Gen at Texas Capitol spreading love. ❤️ 💙 💚 💛 💜 💝 💖 💗 💟 💞 💝 💘
@nowandgen thank you so much for what you've done 😊😊😊 #jaredpadalecki #jarpad #padalecki #supernaturalfandom #supernatural #spn #spnfandom #spnfamily #love #mancrush #mancrusheveryday #samwinchester #deanforester #texas #cyberbullying #inspiration #genevievepadalecki

Awesome! Negative Threads featuring @jp_cantillo 😳😍👌 #cyberbullying
Credit @artistjodysteel 🎨
#bodypaint #sfxmakeup

OVER HALF of adolescents and teens in the U.S. have experienced bullying on their📱or 💻. Help us spread good, positive messages via social media and STOP #cyberbullying! #dearevanhansen #stopbullying

My darling instafamilia, A lot of you have been asking me abt my weightloss so I wanted to share my life changing journey experience with all of u.. it's been hard for me to talk about this and share with you such personal and intimate details but I feel it's necessary with the kind of rat race of being skinny the new trend.
I must admit i felt very hesitant at first to share my pics on a social platform sometimes I can't relate to that old me. To be honest I'm actually shocked at how I used to look and how over weight & unhealthy i was 🙄🙄🙄
I I'm sharing my journey with you because I want to inspire & motivate you all and help you be the better you not because it's trendy to be thin but because you should love yourself and your body.. that's exactly the journey I want to share.. Its not all about looking thin & skinny.. you can be beautiful in any size what so ever.
I never felt ugly back then too actually i was pretty confident with all tht weight.
I was starting to hve some serious health issues & thats when I decided to focus on me not because i want to be one more Skinny plastic but wanted to b a healthy young fit mother who will b able to take care of her children much better.. Do it for your health, do it for your self-esteem, your confidence, your inner & outer being
There is nothing better than a healthy and slim YOU!
I will be posting a detailed video on everything i did to achieve the ideal weight on my YouTube channel ( Amias Diaries ) this weekend.. For now you can go & check out my snapchat story before it ends as i have briefly spoken abt how i lost almost 16kgs in less than a year without Extreme workout 🙈🙈🙈
Snapchat - Amias_diaries
YouTube - Amias Diaries •

#weightloss#weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #healthy#hudabeauty #influencer #motivation #for#everybody #nothingisimpossible #weightlossplan #weightlossmotivation #amias_diaries #needs#courage#socialmedia #cyberbullying #dontcare

Awesome! 😃 Negative Threads featuring @jp_cantillo 😳😍👌 #cyberbullying
Credit @artistjodysteel 🎨
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La Municipalidad de Ushuaia, junto a la Secretaría de Políticas Integrales sobre Drogas de la Nación Argentina (SEDRONAR) y al diputado nacional Martín Pérez, invita a la comunidad a participar de la charla sobre #bullying y #cyberbullying.

Um em cada 10 alunos portugueses já foi vítima de cyberbullying. Os números constam de um estudo de uma investigadora da Universidade do Minho.
O cyberbullying caracteriza-se pelo ataque através de insultos, difamação, intimidação, ameaça ou perseguição intencional e sistemática na Internet e não acontece apenas entre jovens.

#cyberbullying #topnews #topnewsportugal

안녕하세요 지켜조입니다. 오늘은 경찰청에서 이루어지고 있는 사이버폭력에 대한 대응 내용으로 찾아뵙습니다:) ! 경찰청에서도 사이버불링에 관한 문제를 인식하고 그에 대한 방안을 실시하고 있었군요. 앞으로도 이러한 지원들이 지속적인 관심 속에서 많이 생겨났으면 하는 바람입니다!

#no_cyber_bullying #cyberbullying #사이버불링 #사이버불링_방지_캠페인 #지켜조

No matter what the reason #CyberBullying is not the answer, support your friends who did not score well. There will be many more exams and you will fail sometimes and succeed at times. Keep your head high work hard an honestly.

बोर्ड के एग्जाम के रिजल्ट पर बधाई, अगर अच्छे नम्बर आए हैं तो यह वीडियो मत देखो, अगर फ़ेल हो गये या बुरे नंबर आएं है तो सुनो, कोई बात नही, फिर से एग्जाम दे देना, ज़िन्दगी में हर दिन हार जीत लगी रहती है, जिसके 100 नंबर आएं हैं उसे भी आगे संघर्ष करना होगा। समय लगेगा, लेकिन अगर सच्चाई और इम्मानदारी से काम करोगे तो काम बन जाएगा, ज़्यादा परेशान मत होना। और जिनके अच्छे नंबर आएं हैं। दूसरों को परेशान मत करना, Online Bullying के लिए Facebook पर कोई जगह नहीं है। #Board #Exam #Result #CyberKids #CyberBullying #OnlineSafety #SocialSurfing #TakeItEasy #India

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