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A week at INSEAD allowed me to look at our business from the outside. It was unexpected and very pleasant to realize that our own hypotheses on business strategies were confirmed by other people from different countries, were written in business cases and were studied in class.
This understanding gave me more faith in myself and the confidence to pursue with my way.:)
It was also important to hear seemingly obvious things, but which are often overlooked in the steam of everyday work. Below are a few thoughts that I do not want to forget:

1️⃣ In social entrepreneurship there should be impact on the 1st place and business only on the 2nd.

2️⃣ To scale the impact is more important than to scale the organization.

3️⃣ There are only 5% social entrepreneurs out of all entrepreneurs on the planet.

4️⃣ Growth is not the same as scaling.

5️⃣ Innovation and scaling processes shouldn’t go at the same time.

6️⃣ At the stage of scaling there should be duo: entrepreneur and manager.
7️⃣ Surprises are the new normal. Resilience is the new skill.

8️⃣ World right now as never before can be described by 4 words: Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity (old military term VUCA). 9️⃣ Principle of hiding hand. The problem is more complex than any entrepreneur can think at the beginning of the venture. 🔟 Partnership is a new black.

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