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I got to perform with my best friend this weekend. So happy to share the field with him and my Cv family @p_nolen91 #cv #cvcg #CVXX

I will never forget that night. These people will always be my family. #cvxx
Atlanta CV - 96.63 - 2nd Place

Loving every second with this corps, and these guys just make me love it even more 💚

Also, "Hang on, let me fix my pants" 😂

PC: @nanana_nichola

#CVXX #Squad #lastmonth

Happy DCA Finals Week!!❤️🔶💛💚💙💜 #CVXX #CVCG #dca #tastetherainbow

Conducted on the front podium: ✔️
Hid under said podium during monsoon levels of rain:✔️
Jumped off the back off a moving electric golf cart and rolled embarrassingly in front of the percussion caption heads cause I'm stupid:✔️
Yep, sounds like a productive weekend with an AMAZING corps!! So thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome family! Can't wait to see where this show goes! #CVXX

High school might be over but things are already heated up at Atlanta CV!! (pic from last camp but I like it too much) #CVXX

So ready for Rochester with my CV Family!! ❤️💛🔶💚💙💜#cvxx #dca #cvcg

who thought we'd go shirtless about 10 minutes after this picture was taken in february #CVXX 💚❤

My girlfriend and I doing some good standing at CV. She is the best at standing still. I appreciate her. #cvxx


"Đôi khi tình yêu ta không cần dùng lý trí nhiều quá đâu, thử dùng trái tim 1 lần đi. Biết đâu được hp thì sao?" 😆😆😆😆
#Cvxx #cđhh

I miss my family..... #cvxx

#tbt to being a silver medalist in DCA. #cvxx #watermarks #dcaaf #wheresthecamera

These people made flipping plates fun, I'm already missing my family #cvxx #seavine

Being a part of Atlanta CV was one of the best things to happen this year. I found a new family that motivated me to get better at the things I love even through a tough injury. I hope I can come back to CV and continue with this amazing group of people #CVXX

Congrats to these Atlanta CV Corps Members for their amazing performances this past weekend in the DCA World Championship Competition. CV scored a 96.63 and took 2nd place overall! They also scored 1st in I/E Front Ensemble Competition and 1st in Color Guard! Grayson High School Marching Band is also lucky to claim them all - 4 as instructors and 2 as marching members! #AtlantaCV #CVXX #GHSMarchingRams

oh yea so uh thanks drum corps? first photo was the beginning of the cv season and the last one was a year ago hehe. dang sally treated me well ok? #bodybydrumcorps #cvxx #grindneverstops✊

Holy short stack of ribs. I don't know what I would have done this summer without this man. Not only is he MY big, but he is one of my best friends. I would not have made it through all of the hot days, sore muscles, tears, and over it times without him. Ahmez, you have done so much for me that you will never know. I am forever thankful to call you my friend and partner in crime. Thank you for being there for me and simply being you. You hold a truly special place in my heart that no one will ever be able to fill. HOW YOU DOIN?! #big #little #atlantacv #cvxx #gay #pretty #boys #colorguard #drumcorps

Eternally grateful for everything this drum corps has done for me. Thank you CV. #cvxx #southinyourmouth #doitup

I can't even begin to put into words how extremely proud I am of these two beautiful ladies. I have watched them both grow into gorgeous women over the past 6 years. I am so lucky to be able to call them both my former students and now being able to march along side of them. They never cease to amaze me. Thank you both for making me a very proud papa. #big #little #atlantacv #cvcg #cvxx #teacher #student #stopgrowingupsofast #imgettingold #smiles #lovingit #beautiful #thankyou

I will never forget that night. These people will always be my family. #cvxx
Atlanta CV - 96.63 - 2nd Place

Over the course of this past weekend, I think I have experienced every emotion imaginable. Joy, pride, love, sadness, and heartbreak are just a few that come to mind. After last night, the two that stick out to me the most are pride and heartbreak. I am so incredibly and overwhelmingly filled with pride with the accomplishments of not only the CVCG color guard, but for Atlanta CV as a whole. I am also utterly heartbroken at the fact that I will never be able to set foot on the field with the 2017 edition of Atlanta CV ever again. But, after all is said and done, all I have to say is thank you. Thank you to the staff, member, volunteers, supporters, and alumni of Atlanta CV for all of your hard work and dedication. Without you, none of this would have been possible. Again, I say thank you to all of you for accepting me into your space and giving me a home. I am eternally grateful. Much love to you all ❤️💛💚💙💜 #atlantacv #cvxx #cvcg #dca #dci #wgi #drumcorps #colorguard #highguard #skittles #gay #teampurple #happy #smiles #lovingit #humble #thankyou #proud

2nd place - 96.63
That's a damn good feeling
#southinyourmouth #CVXX

as im on the way home i still have tears in my eyes. atlanta cv has made me a totally different person. I've learned to love, learn from and appreciate the process. and I've learned it's not about how solid you can hit your stride that day- but how you get there. Second place is pretty freaking cool, especially when all of the dca world was rooting for you. these guys are my rocks. stars out. until next time. #CVXX #southinyourmouth 💚❤️

I'll never forget this summer. #CVXX

"They will never forget us"
This corps will never leave my heart 💚

#CVXX #SilverMedalist

Atlanta CV just left it all on the field! Excellent performance!!!! #CVXX #ThroughTheGlassLooking

One more time. #doitupcv #cvxx

You meet many people in band, but none like these people. #cvxx #atlantacv2017

I feel so proud to be wearing both of these pendants. These 2 things are a physical representation of all the hard work I have put into this activity. I'm ready to throw it down on the field one last time today #forathousandsummers #cvxx

Two tokens... Two drum corps... Two Families #alliance2016 #forathousandsummers #atlantacv2017 #cvxx

Year Two was fun with you marching! Hoping this won't be our last season together 😀 @nicy_woodard #CVXX

one more day to show the world what we have. broke 95 and still goin! #cvxx 💚❤️😃

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