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Welllll it’s Tuesday, and I’m still thinking about when I’ll have pizza next. 🍕🤤. I have officially cut pizza out of my diet until further notice. #RIPjuliana #pizzaislife🍕 #tryingtoshedfat #250kchallenge #cuttingdairy #veggies #timeforgains #prayforme

Happy Monday everyone. I wanted to post something regarding ‘restrictive diets’ as I’m working on my Be Well Collective. So many people today are cutting out food groups such a dairy. Many people are unaware of the health risks this brings. Calcium is a VITAL mineral we need to help maintain our bone mineral density to help prevent osteoporosis. Many teenagers are below the recommend daily intake for Calcium, which leads to a low bone mass for adulthood! It’s crucial that if you are cutting out dairy from your diet, to see a nutritionist who can advise supplements such as vitamin D (which is vital to aid absorption of calcium) and calcium. Alongside a diet which can support calcium.
Our bones renew 10% each year, so please be aware if you are not eating calcium rich foods, you will be running the risk of not being able to repair and rebuild your bones, leaving holes in them. 🥛 #restrictiveeating #cuttingdairy #thefacts #nutrition

Eating my way through my sweets stash because I’m going to drop sweeteners and most dairy from next week 😭
I’m feeling slightly (majorly) devastated but I want to put my body in the healthiest state possible and reduce inflammation in the lead up to IVF. I’m totally going to hit up @brio_emporium on the weekend before I cut everything out 🍨🍨🍨

Picked up the new @raglancoconutyoghurt flavours at @wholeheartnz this morning 💙💙 Coconut yoghurt is a great source of healthy fats, probiotics and lower in carbohydrates so less insulin needed! A great addition to your morning grainola, in curries or on the side of your favourite treats!

Ever considered cutting dairy out of your diet I did it for a month and this was the result of it. So the choice was easy I'm cutting it out #transformationtuesday #fitness #bodytransformation #cuttingdairy #body #happy #postivevibes

Since Monday, he's giving me THE SHITS! Literally. How can so much poo come out of such a little guy?! 😖 #tummybug #sleeplessnights #cuttingdairy #hesluckyhescute 💩💩💩 #poopmonster

Made some spaghetti with garlic white wine sauce. Definitely have to use less lemon zest next time. 😁🤣 #cuttingdairy #nomorealfredosauce

Transition is complete. 100% meatless. Making my way back to vegan slowly...so I'm savoring my #siggis for now... #healthylife #cleaneating #ovolactovegetarian #ovo #lacto #vegetarian #vegan #breakfasttime #cuttingdairy #reducingcarbonfootprint #greenplanet #healthyeating

All our treats are made with raw cacao meaning they are dairy free! Check out our FB to see what cutting dairy our of your diet could do for your body!

Home made almond milk #cuttingdairy #letstryit #healthkick

Lunch time ! One of my meal prep bowls from Sunday- ground turkey, corn, tomato, onion, peppers, black beans, and rice. Sadly no cheese in my chipotle substitute because I'm #cuttingdairy as an attempt to cleanse my skin #beans #rainboweating #notchipotle #notevenclosetochipotle

Colouring in a completed goal on my goal spread ☺️ it's been about three months since I've had milk or yogurt. I still eat cheese and sometimes ice cream #bulletjournal #cuttingdairy

I did it!!!! I met my goal for drinking water today. I drank 1 glass of milk with breakfast today and have done awesome sticking to my Weight Watchers Points Allowance. I'm so #proud of myself. #cuttingdairy #gettinghealthy #portionsizes #weightwatchers #pointsplus #day1 #hydrated

Heute war echt ein Koch- und Backtag. Zum Abendbrot gab es frisches selbst gebackenes Roggenvollkorn-Sauerteigbrot mit selbstgemachtem veganen Cashew-Mozzarella nach @rawberryvegan's Rezept! Die Konsistenz erinnert überaschenderweise tatsächlich sehr an Kuhmilch-Mozzarella, aber an der Würze muss ich nochmal ein bisschen rumprobieren 😉

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