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So I usually do this when I'm feeling down. I know Watson will be there for me and make my bad days go away.
I decided to capture it in video. To show how loving and sweet Watson is.
It usually triggers it when I'm crying. It could be because a minor thing like because a movie made me cry to me crying because someone bad happened.
Not saying that I spend my days feeling bad but the few bad days I have I'm just glad I have watson.
Thing is Watson, the moment he hears some sort of sound of me being sad he comes and do his trust falls. Can't help but smile and feel happy every time he does it. He is truly the best.
A lot of you have asked me countless of times how did I trained Watson to trust fall?
Well I didn't. He started to do the "trust fall" movement by himself. It all stated with him just trying to make me feel better. If you noticed I didn't had to tell him to "trust fall" on me. I just had to show some sort of discomfort for him to do the action.
My amazing partner @pnw.gsp (Travis) came up with the idea to add the "trust fall" words to it just as a fun thing.
We never thought it would become a big thing.
The video above shows the true Watson "trust fall" as pure as it can be. Self-taught just as a sweet gesture to make me smile. -
Hope you enjoy the video.
Ps: I was okay 😉
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When Boomer attacks 🙀 💕

This is a masterpiece by @franfranmaster 👩‍🎨✏️🖍, 52 seconds of magic 😍😍 I wish my papa can learn this skill😁😁 what you guys think comparing to my previous post?!?!

#RunwayReady 💁

When you single AF but your dog got your back.....😂🐻🥂🍕


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Alex: Mom, am I gonna be healthy one day?
Me: I don't know honey😔
Alex: Why u don't know?😕
Me: We have to do some tests first! But please notice one thing: I will do anything for my #babydoll to make u healthy and happy!❤️
Alex: I love you too mom❤️
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Everyday when you come home 🐭🐭 | Обычная картина, когда возвращаешься домой 😂

Throwback to baby Russ being too cute to handle 🙌😻 @dalewaters_

One more sleep til I get to see these wheeking weirdos 😂

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‪ノリノリでぽんちゃんを毛づくろいする、せんすくん!" #cutepetclub ‬


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