It's hard to focus when I'm out running, especially when I meet another goth child🖤
Oh baby, let me pet you!

#storytime Two and a half years ago I was looking for a dog because I felt lonely after I moved from home, and on top of that I struggled a lot with my mental health.
So one day in my search for a dog I came across a post on facebook, it was about this black three and a half years old cat. It was an emergency, the owner would kill him within a week if a new owner haven’t been found, the reason - the A hole of an owner was pregnant (typical “excuse”)🙄🤬
So I made some calls to left and right, and my mom picked me up and we drove over to see the cat. I didn’t know ANYTHING about cats, never had one, never had friends with cats I. Knew. Nothing!!!
But I brought him home with me
So there I was...in my one room apartment, whit a cat...which I would soon find out had been treated badly and therefore had mental health problems AF...what means days where he could walk up to me and attack me for no reason and try to scratch my face off, hide for several days, not eat, was terrified when people reached out to pet him, ugly, ear problems and just...he was a mess, total chaos! And I was heart broken!
There have been days where I've been close to give up on him, stressful days and sleepless nights! I had to take care of him and myself at the same time, we were two broken souls you know.
I learned “everything” about cats the hard way, and more.
Instead of lying in bed and looking into a white wall and feel sorry for myself, he was the reason I got out of bed every day, and I am the reason he trust people again and feel loved!
You see cats are not just cats, animals are not just animals. They need the same things in life as we humans do...love and protection☺️
🎂Happy birthday Lucifer it’s your big day today, six years old🎂
I will never let go of you baby boi🖤#controlledchaos

My heart is forever melting over this cute little profile!

I can’t 😸 Watch Stories for more! #puffyfluffles #persiancat #creamcameopersian #cutenessshock

This is happening and I don't know how to deal! 😱 #cutenessshock #chestervonbattingham

OMG Puffy Fluffles! 😱 #cutenessshock

Come back later, Chester is 'busy'. 🙀

LLAMACORN strikes again!!! 😂 #cutenessshock via @littlekiwwibird

I miss my cats when I'm at work. Here's a picture of Chester and Fefe eating breakfast (yes, they're messy!) 🐈🐈

Finally!!! I have a topiary in my office! 🌳🙀🌳

@pidgindoll visits Lime Crime HQ. 👯

This picture encapsulates my inner world perfectly: lime greens, pinks, black & white for contrast, with a cherry on top. And, of course, lots of #icecream! 🍦🍡🍒

Chester & Puffy Fluffles demand royal treatment - and get it! 🐱👑🐱

Are YOUR dog's nails perfectly manicured?? 🐩💅😂

Donut joy 🍩

How perfect is she?? ❤ @pidgindoll

Oh my #Pharaoh! 🐱👑

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