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Real or fake? Your thoughts?
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By @mahoor.shafei
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Relax..weekend is here!👌😊

I swear this could go on for hours...😂👀
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So cute!!! 😍😍😍
Hope she put her back in water! 😢
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🍕 OH HAI, YOU SURPRISED ME!!! I WAS JUST TESTING OUT THE NEW PIZZA OVEN I HAD INSTALLED IN HERE. IM MAKING A BUNCH OF LIVERWURST PIZZAS TO TAKE TO THE #FridayNightBoxPawty . HEY WILLOW @roweomalley AND HUNTER @aarian_the_great ,. DO YOU WANT EXTRA HARD BOILED EGGS ON YOURS???!! 🍕 #bettycrockofshit #bettycrocker #pizzaoven #theworks #cute4kind @_thecattery_ #catsloveboxes #catsloveboxesandbags


Happy Saturday ❤️

Typical mornings 👶🐑

Time for a bunny break! Flip through for your dose of #cute for today!
#cuteness #cutenessoverload #bunny 🐰 #lilbunnyfufu

Saturday morning shenanigans....How did I get up here 😢😢

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