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You don't need a big dog as a guard dog 💪 #dachshundsarebossy

Omg!! This is so cute!! ❤️❤️ Follow George 👉 @georgethegsd11 👈
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💩 As I was scrolling through pictures tonight I came across this picture from last week and thought to myself...."Self?....... How could you be so foolish and forget that Bradley suffered a shark attack last week??!!! That's OBVIOUSLY what happened to his eye!!!" It's all so clear now!!! Anyhooooo..... Since so many of you have been asking, i THINK Bradley's eye is looking better. It's difficult to tell because there is always ointment in it so it always looks goopy, and the one medicine makes his pupil stay fully dilated, so it's hard for me to tell, but it's definitely less swollen and he has his follow up appointment in the morning, so we'll know more after he gets that dye and UV light again. I was going to post a cute video of him snuggling my arm tonight, but people have expressed their feelings of not wanting to see his eye, and one person went so far as to tell me that she had to unfollow because of it (that made me laugh!). So as not to offend those people, I have chosen to offend the people who think that it's abuse to put a shark costume on a cat with this photo from last week, lol!! Thank you everyone for caring about my little stinker in skinny jeans!xo Mom 💕💩 #BradleyPooper #sharkattack #youshouldhaveseentheotherguy #update #cute4kind

I'm working. 🖐🏼

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Cuteness! 😍😍😍
Amazing miniature drawing by @woodcastles 👏
Checkout @art_hyperrealistic & @tebo.1

🎶 Keep the beat coming & the tail wagging. 😎 (An entire band babysat me today & gave this video to mom 😂) @connorappleby @nothingnowhere

Run Heidi!!


I'm definitely keeping this one!! #cutenessoverload

🌸🌸Who say we have to grow up??!! We don't!!! 🤗 Happy Tuesday lovelies!!! 🌻⛵️🐶 Qui a dit que l'on était obligé de grandir??!! Certainement pas nous!!! 🤗 On vous laisse méditer... en vous souhaitant une belle journée les chéris! Bandanastyle "Coquillages et crustacés" 🐠⛱⛵️🌸🌸

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