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I don't have to beg your pardon! I think I did promise you this rose garden!😏🎶😅 Well, my lovers, I truly enjoyed being in My Wonderland with you today! It was a great day! I am pretty tired from all of the fun I had! Thank you again, @_chewy_loyalty_ for those very sexy suspender nylons. I love them! Tomorrow's show will be a jumbly mix of unseen photos from past sets, favorite pics that I prepared from my story pics and a few "in the moment" shots. Soooo, no super early wakeup call for meeee! Yayyyy!!! But it will be a sweet and sexy day. I promise. Much love to you all and peace! Goodnight my wonderful lovers! ❤❤❤



Caution: slippery when wet (and also veiny apparently) 📷s by @feetingmyfetish

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