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ADORABLE ALERT!!! While I was getting a pedicure, I watched this tiny girl bent over on the step stool, giving a customer a backrub with all her might. She was clearly uncomfortable, but she kept going because she's a goddamn professional, I guess. The owner of the salon saw she was in pain, walked over, and gave her neck a fatherly rub while she was working the customers tibia - that's in the back, yes? Cutest thing I've ever seen from a pedicure chair, outside of that time the time I saw 8 (I counted) little boys getting their nails done as part of a little girl's birthday party.

Bikes are all becomong slacker now a days.... check out this customization by a customer.....unknowingly.....#cadencecyclingandmultisport #bicyclemechanic #playbikes #customerhadnoidea

The universe is like a mirror, if a monkey looks in no philosopher is looking out!
#photooftheday #amatuerphotographyskills #purplemystic #customerhadnoidea

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