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New customized resin is coming #lindamacariodolls #pattyresinbjd #custombjd #comingsoon

Source link: [ https://www.instiz.net//name?no=9727385&page=1&category=3 ]
Eren ball joint doll, submitted by anonymous. I wish I knew more but I can't find it haha. @_levieren_ I thought you'd like this in particular.
#erenjaeger #BJD #custombjd #attackontitan #shingekinokyojin
Do not repost 👋

Excited for this babe's preorder soon @mokarran - always great to see you X

#bjd #custombjd #bjds #hotbabe #cosmic


A little more body blushing for Nue 🌸 she's the first place prize in my competition so she's getting a lot of love before she leaves me 💗💗💗

I am keep customing my bjd girl
Here is my first daughter Suzune,she become a little Japanese girl
#bjdmakeup #bjdcustom #custombjd #balljointeddoll #volksdoll #yosd #bjdfaceup

I love this so much I had to share it 💗💌💗 @niryja_kim did an super cute fanart of Sora! I feel so honoured to get drawings from people, Thank you sweetheart~! 💖💉💖💉

Inspired by taking pictures of her outside. I made her a custom stand so she feels outside all the time. 🌿💗 this stand is included in her Etsy listing 💗🍃🍃

She is shy but inquisitive🍃🌿💗 。

sales enquiries DM only 💕

Chuu is for sale now too! 🌱💗 it's time for my little plant to find a new home 💕 any questions about her you can DM me or check her Etsy listing 💕

One more of Sora spam 💗💉 I love her so much but I want someone else to enjoy her too 💗

💉💖SURPRISE 💗💉 Sora is now for sale!! Message me here for more details or check her Etsy listing via the link in my bio 💖🚑 I hope I can find a loving home for her so please share this with anyone who might be interested 💖💊💖

Aaah Luan 💕
It took me about five years to find the perfect shell for him but I don't regret the waiting because everything within those years was bringing me closer to him 💕 and now I can see him breathe and smile in the soft light of a summer morning.
(This can be read as my and Cléandre' sayings 😉) #kanadoll #kanadolladrian #bjd #doll #instadoll #dollstagram #balljointeddoll #dollphotography #bjdphotography #dollsofinstagram #instabjd #bjdphoto #dollphoto #custombjd #bjdhobby

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