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Tomorrow's the big day ! Can't wait for this opportunity with @themodelexperience 💌 #curvyisbeautiful

hey guys, for those who don't know, june is national scoliosis awareness month! i usually don't do something like this, but i've been diagnosed with scoliosis for almost 5 years now and figured i might as well talk about it a bit. basically scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, and it's actually pretty common; however, it's rare that it gets so bad, it requires surgery. in july 2012 i was diagnosed, and my curves weren't quite bad enough for immediate surgery, but weren't good enough to leave alone. so for two and a half years, i wore a plastic back brace to keep my spine from getting worse as i grew. and here we are! i no longer wear the brace, and my spine still looks the same, but i won't get surgery unless it somehow gets worse. yes it hurts, yes it's difficult, and no, i didn't do anything to make it happen. but hey, i'm living my life. so yeah, now you're aware! there is no cure for scoliosis, so the best we can do is spread the word and support each other. curvy is beautiful, y'all. 🤙🏻🌀 #scoliosis #bentnotbroken #curvyisbeautiful #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisawarenessmonth

We couldn't agree more @bunnylucille "The beauty with letting go is there is room for the freedom to be at peace with being yourself. Being beautiful and divine is not something I have to become, it's something I am. #body4me #iamenough #mybodysmiles #jlynnphotography_ #selflove #curvamag #curvypinup #curvyisbeautiful #curvyissexy #ownit #justbe #plussizemagazine #styleandcurve #strutbymic #iamlove #iamgrateful #curvybeauty #plussizemodels #bunnylucille #iam #now #additionelle #rudebettys #selfpeace #bunnylucille

In 1999 I thought I was overweight and unattractive. I allowed mean girls to make me feel that way. Since then, I have gained weight and lost weight but what I know now is that being confident with who you are is more attractive than being thin will ever be! I will always want to be a healthier version of myself, but I will never again let anyone make me feel bad about myself! Find your confidence and know that you are beautiful no matter what your size! Everyone has flaws, embrace the beauty of yours. #curvygirl #curvyisbeautiful #beyoutiful

Prototype ... because skinny was never the goal for me ⌛️. The goal is to be the best you possible . Be your own prototype . You are the plug 🔌 for all of your goals 💅🏽 #curvyisbeautiful #skinnyisbeautiful #thíçkthîghssaveslives



Xadrez vermelho e preto...meu preferido ❤


This was on my mind all weekend, so I wanted to share.
CURVY is beautiful.
SKINNY is beautiful.
MUSCLE is beautiful.
SHORT is beautiful.
TALL is beautiful.
Love YOU.
And always remember to SMILE.
Be passionate, grow your talents and do what you love. Don't let others opinions guide you to do something you don't truly love or believe in. Strive to find and live what you believe to be truth. Mind. Body. Spirit. Find your truth and be ok when that isn't someone else's idea of truth. Accept them and love them like you want to be accepted and loved.
I am passionate about many things but one on the top if my list is exercise. It makes me happy, it gives me goals to work towards. I enjoy it. I have loved learning and growing and changing my life because it feels good. It is my truth.
#bodypositive #loveyou #curvyisbeautiful #curvy #skinnyisbeautiful #skinny #musclesaremeautiful #tallisbeautiful #tall #shortisbeautiful #short #mindbodyspirit #mind #body #spirit #passion #support #love #acceptance #beyou

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