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Curt Flood changed baseball & killed his career along the way. With nearly a .300 batting average, Flood’s true legacy developed off the field when he challenged Major League Baseball’s reserve clause, which kept players beholden for life to the team with which they originally signed, whether or not they satisfied the terms and conditions of those contracts. This situation arose when the St.Louis Cardinals attempted to trade him to Philadelphia, which was known, at the time for inferior facilities and belligerently racist fans. His case against baseball’s commissioner was argued before the US Supreme Court, who ruled against Flood. In 1998 President Bill Clinton & Congress passed the Curt Flood Act, which applied antitrust laws to MLB’s employment contracts, ending a sort of indentured servitude that existed up until that point. #CurtFlood #blackhistorymonth

A man all athletes should know #CurtFlood his lawsuit against the MLB is the reason athletes get paid millions in free agency.
It's crazy today people are still fighting to be paid fairly.

Curt Flood played Major League Baseball from 1956-1971 for 3 different teams. He was a 2-time world champion, 3-time All-Star, 7-time Gold Glove winner, and batted over .300 6 times. For those that don't know much about baseball, those are great numbers. After one season during his career, Flood was told that a White teammate of equal or lesser talent had received a bigger raise than he had. When Flood asked why, the White executive told him this: "White people need more money to live than Black people." Sounds crazy right? But that type of thinking still exists today. SMDH #mlb #curtflood #jimcrow #wagegap #icantmakethisshitup

#AngelsintheOutfield. Let's step in ⌛️this Black History month. Time 🌕 to do what must be done. Be a Kinge when Kingedom comes. Since Dodgecity was a bust in 😇we trust🍒. #kingeme👑. #losangeles😇of Anaheim ❤️#sanvalentinofcolombia #amoryamistad 🕊#RexLeonidas #IO #AloeBlacc #IAm #TheMan. ⚾️#OT #OhTani #17🏹✨⚔️🏆.🇺🇸🇯🇵SisterSledge #wearefamily #Jupiter ⚾️Mayahn #42 #curtflood #medgarevers #equality #amaterasu #sojournertruth #lincoln #mlk #elhajjmalikshabazz #rfk #X #jfk #prince PurpleReign☄️💜⚡️#goodvibrations only for me😍😘. #beachboys baby🏆. 💝

Didnt realize in the 1980s that this dude, the purple one, was soooo activist-driven. He is the #curtflood of music. Curt is the father of #freeagency in American sports #prince took one for the TEAM‼️ Learned so much more about his vision during my visit to @officialpaisleypark. #consciouscomic #globalcitizen #activist #purplerain #7thavenue #50by50 #40of50

⚾️ #CelebrateYourself ⚾️ #BlackHistoryMonth
The Underrated Athlete: Curt Flood
St. Louis Cardinals Center-fielder, Curt Flood was one of the most important PEOPLE in the history of sports, who's anti-trust suit against the MLB paved the way for free agency for all athletes #Salute #TVInColour #KnowThyself #BHM #CurtFlood ⚾️

Curt Flood would have been 80 years old today. He passed away almost 21 years ago to the day.Most people know him as the man who challenged the reserve clause in Major League Baseball. But to many that saw him play know him as a player that could hit .300 and play stellar defense. Imagine how hard it must have been to be awarded a Gold Glove playing in the same era as Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente. He did it seven times! He was that good. #GoldGlover #AllStar #WorldChampion #Artist #GameChanger #21 #CurtFlood

1958 Topps Curt Flood rookie card from my PC. This man changed the way we know baseball today. He was a 3x All-Star and 7x consecutive Gold Glove winner, although it was his efforts off the field that hold his place in history. He stood up against the Reserve Clause, which limited the player’s freedom to choose which team they played for. In 1969, Flood refused to report to the Philadelphia organization after being traded by the Cardinals. He cited that his decision was based on the club’s poor record, rundown stadium and racist fans. Flood sued Major League Baseball, but lost his case. He would only play 13 more games before he retired. Today, player’s rising contracts and no-trade clause agreements can be dated back to Flood’s fight for player freedom. #baseballcards #cardinals #curtflood #baseball #topps #toppsbaseball

🙏 I'm blessed. Both of my grandpas are Iconic Black Figures ✊ This is my grandpa Curt Flood & he was a center fielder on the St. Louis @cardinals ⚾✔ Look him up. He was the greatest to ever do it! He was awesome on the field & faught for what was right ✊ He pioneered the way for free agency in all professional sports & he also won 2 world series! He's the 🐐 & I'm happy I got a chance to meet him & spend time with him. He always gave my Mom & I so much love ❤ Love you grandpa Curt! R.I.P. 🙏
Curt Flood:
St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame
3x All-Star
2x World Series Champion
7x Gold Glove Award 🐐

Happy Birthday to "The World's Greatest Entertainer": Sammy Davis, Jr. aka "Mr. Wonderful", born December 8. In the game of baseball there's a term for a player who can hit for average, hit for power, has tremendous speed and is adept at base-running, combined with exceptional throwing and fielding skills which is called "A Five Tool Player". This term fits Sammy appropriately for he could do it all: sing, dance, act, write, direct, produce, play musical instruments, and do stand-up comedy. Sammy was a seminal figure on T.V., film, and on stage when I was growing up. Yet for all of his talent, he was a complicated man who was loved and dismissed by both Blacks and Whites alike. And as with many African-American trailblazers, Davis paid a heavy price so that other Black entertainers could reap the financial benefits in the future (similar to baseball player Curt Flood and free agency; and like Flood, Sammy died broke). It's been almost 30 years since his passing, and unfortunately there's a whole generation that has absolutely no idea who Sammy is or his major contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. Fortunately, there's a wonderful biography by Wil Haygood published some years ago called "ln Black And White: The Life Of Sammy Davis, Jr." (which I highly recommend you seek out at your local library or used bookstore). One of Sammy's most popular T.V. appearances was on an episode of the classic, groundbreaking sitcom "All In The Family". So here are a few clips from "Sammy's Visit" (Season 2, Episode 21). And to think, this episode is just as relevant in 2017 as it was when it originally aired on February 19, 1972.
#JazzInfluences; #SammyDavisJr; #WilHaygood; #AllInTheFamily; #CurtFlood

1958 Topps 464: I actually don't know a whole lot about Curt Flood besides that he was the resident Speedy Gonzalez in St. Louis, before even Lou Brock got there. However, I've heard my dad telling stories about seeing him play, and this is the first card I've ever had the chance to buy of him. Even cooler is the fact that this is his rookie card. It also talks on the back about his 1957 minor league season in Savannah, which meant my grandfather, who used to work at historic Grayson Stadium there, probably watched him play right before this card hit the presses. @mlb @topps @cardinals #curtflood #rookiecard #1958 #outfield #stlouis #cardinals #stlouiscardinals #halloffame #hof #cooperstown #baseball #baseballcards #baseballcard #collecting #vintage #antique #hobby

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