Project: Wisma Atlet Asian Games 2018
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Wujud komitmen kami sebagai perusahaan kaca berkualitas untuk Indonesia, kami dengan bangga berkontribusi dalam pembangunan gedung Wisma Atlet Asian Games. Apa yang sudah anda lakukan untuk mendukung 🇮🇩 di ajang #AsianGames2018? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Ayo jadikan INTAN sebagai rekan anda untuk pembangunan proyek anda. Untuk mengetahui lebih dalam, kunjungi website kami di: www.intanglass.com
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As a manifestation of our commitment in being a first-class glass processing company for Indonesia, we are delighted to contribute towards the development of #AsianGames2018 athlete dormitory. What have you done to support 🇮🇩 in #AsianGames2018?
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🌞 Just staring down the alum. mullion.😎 Representing Hyder & Mutliplex - Q.C. Facade inspector in Chevalier Factory in China.
2007 Australia, Sydney Wharf Marina 8 & 9 Apartments.😃

As long as I could remember I dreamed in black and white
As I grew up and the sun went down, I never felt more alright
My mother she used to tell me: Son you better get to church
It's a dark, dark world and there's evil out there and you know it's only getting worse
Yeah, I've never been much for weddings or anniversaries but
I'll go to a funeral if I'm invited any day of the week
Some people say that I sound strange, some say that I'm not right
But I find beauty in this world every single night..
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