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Silver was bored one rainy day in London so the young teen decided to go through some boxes in the attic. He pulled the stairs to the attic down and slowly crept up them. The young boys eye was caught by a small wooden chest in the far corner of the attic. It was shining lightly and had something written in a different language on the top of it. Silver's curiosity came over him and he slowly opened the box. A dark shadow with red eyes jumped out of the box into his soul. He fell backwards with the box in his hands still. His skin went pale and his eyes changed from a happily grey to a dark and cold pale stare. Whatever was in the box, whatever had jumped into silver was evil. It had possessed silver and controlled his soul now. When he fell back boxes fell making a ton of noise up in the attic. The evil thing in the box had been waiting for a curious kid like silver to come along and open the box and now that had finally happened. Was it possible to save silver? Would he ever be the same happy silver we all know and love? The answer to those questions was unknown to a normal human being. Silver's life now rested in the palms of the evil spirits hands and he would never let silver go. Silver's soul had just enough darkness in it for the spirit to claim him as his. The spirit made the darkness silver had in his heart spread out and his skin started to change. It was dark and pale at the same time. Silver had black eyes, black hair, and black clothing. He had eyeliner under his eyes and he stood up holding the box close to himself. "They'll never hurt you again..." Silver said coldly to the box and walked down out of the attic. He saw his family standing there looking at him like he was crazy. One of the more scared than the rest when he saw the box. "You got a staring problem you idiots..." He said and pushed passed them.
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||just making random OC for the RP||

Name: Fen Holands

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Cursed Demigod.

Goddly Parent: Hades.

Curse:Accidentally Draws Metals if angry.

Personality: Cold, Distant and protective.

#demigods #halfbloodrp #cursedrp #rp #rpgroup #openrp #grouprp #yaoirp #yaoirps

~Ding Dong~
Footsteps echoed throughout the school as a teen with black and red eyes walked around with a crazy smile. "This game of hide and seek has just begun~" He said as he followed the rapid footsteps in the distance, outside the school it was completely dark even after so long it was still dark which meant a curse had been placed on 'you'. "Ding Dong I can see you running~" He said darkly as his scarf flailed behind him his crazed smile widening as he turned a corner set on cutting 'you' off but was surprised not seeing anyone and finally saw some rolling beads making him laugh knowing those made the sounds. "This is so fun~" He said in a distorted voice while he began walking through out the school looking for 'you' dried blood from the classmates he had killed covering his hands and shirt.
~Our eyes are locked together~
Sataki turned a corner and found a open door which led outside of school making him growl in anger since 'you' had escaped the school but that didn't mean 'you' had won yet as he ran out of the school and began following you quickly his red eyes glowing in the darkness as he followed 'your' footsteps and the low glow of the flash light 'you' held as 'you' ran. "Hehe no one can save you no matter where you run" He said knowing everyone in the world was asleep until either he gave up or 'you' died. ~Ding Ding I win~
#OpenRp #AnyRp #HideAndSeekRp #HorrorRp #CursedRp
((You can be any character ever made in a game, anime or well anythng xD))

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