I *was* reading this, but sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday evening it went missing.
I am freaking out a little because it is a library book and a lot because I had really started getting into the story and want to know what happens.
I have cleaned the house looking for it and it just hasn't turned up. :: sob :: 😭😱😭😱😭😱 Might go check in the freezer again. #youneverknow

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Have you ever pushed a book a side because you know it's going to be epic and you're just not ready for that commitment yet? Well that's what I've had to do with Beartown. I've been so busy and hardly read all week and decided Beartown deserved better, so it's shelved for another week while I try a quick paced read instead. I'll be back Beartown, when the school holidays begins!

New world record of number of books that I can read and fit on my nightstand at one time #currentlynotreading #librarybrowsingisthenewshopping

I’m such a dreamer that I actually thought I was going to finish this book this weekend 😆 instead I: went straight to @beirizzle ‘s and polished off a bottle of SourPuss (her and her fiancé Brynn waited until after this to terrify me/ change my life forever with information about the Mandela Effect), went kayak browsing with my Dad and then made him and his wife some bomb ass quiche (first time ever actually cooking for them) before going to Grandma’s to hang out with her and my Aunt Jeanne while we waited for @shelbybbbbbb45 to finish her homework. We hung out with her, and my cousins Jeff&Bonnie for a while before bbqing steaks and pork chops and passing out hard after dinner (me,my Dad&Pam ALL snoring by 9:20pm). The next morning we went to Clinton, Seaforth, Dublin & Vanastra in search of the perfect potted plants before settling for a selection from good ole’ Cozyn’s in Stratty 😂. When they dropped me at my Momz she took me straight to dinner& a movie (Breaking In w/ Gabrielle Union; pretty decent) and then to the casino for the first time where I won four dollars lol &met up with an old friend and long time inspiration @greenthumbblacksole and we somehow broke all the drinking rules b/c I had four vodka crans& a breezer in one hour 🤮. I thought I was done for the night at that point but me and my Mom watched American Idol until the sun rose 🤢😵. Now I’m sitting in her backyard with this book in my lap nursing a Gatorade and she just asked if she could take me to the beach (and to @missy_whaling ‘s to meet Oliver :) ) before my train back to Toronto 😴😴😴😮😮😮 #currentlyNOTreading #TheHiltons #bookstagram #HappyMay24 🤗👻☠️

"When people talk about Manju and her husband and what they did and what happened to them, they should try to remember that people have depths."
This book of short stories is strangely subtitled "love stories", but is rather an exploration of the depths of human madness, which can sometimes be explained away as a form of "love".
Is it love for a terminally ill woman to allow her husband, who she discovers is impersonating a doctor, to operate on her?
The stories are wildly original and suspenseful. However, they did make me feel uncomfortable (sometimes queasy) to the point of having to stop reading. I am perhaps too much of an empath and felt the stories too strongly.
Although I see the benefit of exploring stories of sheer human madness (we do read things in the newspaper that seem incredible, but happen in real life), I felt that one of the stories was very violent without offering any meaning and this is when I decided to stop reading.
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Here's to a week full of reading whenever you feel like it!
No reading slumps here!!!! 🚫🙅 || #bookishproblems #slump #readerthings #currentlynotreading #currentlyreading #igreads #booklove #bookish

He comenzado mil veces y lo dejo de lado por otros, pero nunca he desistido en leerlo porque sé que una buena historia me espera (tiene un nigromante) pero algo me impide seguir!! Alguna palabra de aliento? Consejo? Hechizo? Magia negra? Para seguir leyéndolo 😩😫

True story: I had a yellow Labrador named Cheyenne and he could rival Marley for worst behaved dog in the world! I loved him to pieces, and for some reason I kept his collar and name tag. This book is one of my favorites, I feel like I could have written it...#12daysofbookstagram challenge and we are on flat lay today! #bookstagram #currentlynotreading #flatlay #dogbook #doglover #yellowlab #bookintomovie #doggiewisdom

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is the day where I have so many things that need to be done before Monday kicks in! It’s not going to be the usual lazy Sunday that I prefer! But oh well...
I hope you had a lovely weekend! On a completely different note, I’ve reached 1k followers here on Instagram! I’m so grateful for bookstagram! People are so friendly and welcoming and I love that about this space 😀
THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️
Also, I’m kind of in a reading slump! I don’t feel like reading anything at all! How often does this happen to you? Any tips on how to get over it?
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What's on your side table Wednesday? Is that a thing...nah? Let's make it a thing, lol. Lingering on my side table are three reads that I started but, sadly, I just couldn't "get into." /// My brother once told me that if a man really wants you...he'll chase you (Let the Church Say Amen!). As I apply that here, I say to myself..."girl, if you wanted to finish these books you would just do it...you'd make the time." Truth is, I'm not for sure I do. And, it pains me because the trio includes two of my once favorite authors, Terry McMillan and John Grisham. /// I was 16 and reading How Stella Got Her Groove back (I didn't even know what a "groove" was...lol...had no business reading it). But, I did and I was hooked. And, of course, as a law student I love a legal thriller and Grisham was once the king of them. /// Unfortunately, for me personally, I just haven't been able to get past a couple of chapters in these authors' last few books. I'm saddened by that reality. I did hear that I Almost Forgot About You will be made into a movie and will star Viola Davis...maybe that will spark an interest in me to revisit it. But, for now, the thrill for these books has gone.
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Another book I’m super keen to read and haven’t got to yet lol! Have any of you read it yet?
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Still not read this despite wanting to for ageeeeees. Oops.
What’s on your list of ones you own and really want to read but jeep somehow getting distracted from?
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Broken my book buying ban.
The Martian has put me in a slump!! I'm only half way through and I was enjoying it but it's so slow🙈

I'm waiting for my Mum to finish getting ready before we go into town so thought I'd do some reading. I managed less than four pages in 45 minutes because I kept getting drawn in to Homes Under the Hammer.... This is why I don't have a TV licence! I've done the sensible thing and turned the damn thing off now so I don't get sidetracked by further strangely addictive shows.
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