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I'm having a hard time getting ready for bed tonight becuase I had a good hair day. I don't want to put my hair up! Does anyone else do this? #cantpineapple #pineapplehair #bedhead

So it was wash day today. Decided to try a couple of advices given by @hif3licia and @theglambelle.

I used @hif3licia curl twist tip to help define my curls and then @theglambelle plop technique. After 1hr I Iet my hair air dry, it literally took the whole day. Does anyone's hair take that long to #airdry ? I washed at around 7:30am and it did not totally dry till around 8pm. I saw a video by @faithincurls which she said to not style or touch your hair till it's fully dried so it does not cause frizz. *
The hair turned out great, the curls very defined but I did notice that I'm in need of a @devacurl cut. My curls are getting heavy and its hard to get any volume. And I really need to dye my hair because I'm full of gray. ☹
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Best homemade hair mask ✨

2 spoons of honey (depending the length of your hair)
2 spoons of olive oil
1 baby purée of banana (I used Beech Nut Organic but you can use any brand)

Mix all the ingredients in a pot. Shampoo your hair and apply the hair mask. Put a plastic cap (plastic bag) on your hair for better results. After 1 hour, remove the mask with water and wash your hair as usual. (I co-washed and deep condition my hair)

Try it and you will thank me later!!!🙌🏼
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Wanna know the best part about working for ME ?
I can build a biz from a sofa, a chair lounging with Lucky, a coffee shop, in my PJ's and slippers🐶🧦☕ I've been blessed enough to build a business 😎🤠🤗HELPING people get fit ( something that can help EVERYONE - a basic human need) , HELPING people start the same business from social media WHEREVER, WHENEVER. Its just CRAY CRAY, right ?
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You MUST BE: motivated, a self-starter, driven, upbeat, hungry for change, not easily discouraged, into changing their health and fitness for the better, love helping people, want a life of freedom and flexibility and in it for the long term. Is this you or someone you know??🤔🤔🤔 Do you want to finally make this a year of AMAZING change?!?!?! Then comment below or message me or email me at info@ggmackcoach.com and let's get your questions answered so you can start your new life 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Who wishes shrinkage wasn’t so real? Lol

Shrinkage is diffidently real, it can be super annoying. It’s also super cool to be able to see your progress.

Using certain products like heavier oils, for instance black castor oil keeps the curls down, giving it a longer look.
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P r o d u c t R e v i e w 💡☺️
So this is the final product I've been testing from the @embrace_fec line and it's been one that I initially struggled with but worked out how to use in the end. This is a great example of what I meant from yesterday's post about learning to use a product and working it around to suit your hair. This product is a leave in conditioner but when I first used it the same way I use other leave in conditioners (as a base product followed by curl cream then gel) it really weighed my hair down - and even though my hair was shiny and moisturized, I could feel residue (which is vey common with my fine hair strands). So then I modified the amount and had the same issue. I then decided to be brave and tried it as a stand alone product. I was pretty shocked at how well it worked. I've tried several products recently in one product routines to figure out if there's a super quick wash day routine I can have for my travels and I've really struggled - this is by far the best product for MY HAIR TYPE as a stand alone product. I've tested it several times and each time it does a great job. Of course nothing will beat a good hair product combo (which in itself is extremely difficult to find) but having the option of a super fast routine with decent results is so awesome. I personally feel that this product feels AMAZING when applying it on wet hair and is deceptively light weight on my wet hair and has caused me to use too much product but this would be a wonderful leave in conditioner for those with either thicker hair strands or tighter hair textures that need more nourishment!!! I think for type 4 hair this would actually be an amazing product that you wouldn't need to use ridiculous amounts of to get the benefit. I will probably take some of this with me overseas because I have a feeling it will really suit the more humid climates I will encounter and help speed up my routine when I need to! It really does leave my hair very soft, super shiny, bouncy and surprisingly has a bit of hold as well - I just have to be measured with my use of it. Have you tried this product? Comment below!

Os cachos estão de volta com tudo. Ano passado a procura por cabelos cacheados superou em 300% a busca de cabelos lisos! .
Experimente nosso Ativador de Cachos com Oleo de Argan. Deixa os cachos definidos e hidratados.
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The curls are back on the table. The google search for curls overcame straight hair in 300% last year!
We are the hot spot, girls!
You should try our Argan Curls Activator. It leaves your hair healthier, with more defined and hydrated curls.
For more information and sales, call: (781) 812-0191 ☎️ .
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Curious about all the "superfoods" the health food stores and TV shows talk about?

Thinking about making your own shake or buying tons of superfoods supplements?? Need natural supplements for boosting and protecting the adrenals and thyroid or for dealing with stress??? These are some of the ingredients you'll need: ✔Maca

These are all adaptogens that are used to heal and lower the stress in your body.

I used to be "that girl"⬆
I'd buy all the superfoods supplements or attempt to make my own shakes with tons of superfoods. Cost me a FORTUNE!!! I've learned better; I'm saving money and the best part????? I get over 72 superfoods daily in my shake 😲🍹
All of those listed above plus 66 more are in each day's shake. Not to mention, it's DELISH and truly changed my health!

I love having a yum milkshake daily that curbs sugar cravings and improving my health. What's better😋😋

You know what bothers the life out of me ? How off center this picture is 🤦🏽‍♀️

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