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#pressplay ▶️ Hey Curlfriends, uploaded a video last night for those that love to rock big, defined #curlyhair 💁🏾! We all know we can't literally just "wash our hair and go" so in a nutshell, here are three different methods you can do to define your curls 💁🏾: 🔹Method 1: Use a brush to clump your curls together, scrunch your hair & allow it to dry. It's best to use a brush that has a lot of teeth positioned closely together such as the Denman brush or tangle teezer as this will clump and define your curls.
🔹Method 2: Apply a generous amount of product, brush and smooth your hair then coil it around your finger and allow your hair to completely dry before separating any coils. 🔹Method 3: Separate small sections and apply a product with a gel like consistency, then individually separate and smooth each curl for optimum definition.
Finding products that work well with your hair plays a big part in the end results but in my opinion, the technique is what's key to getting the definition you're looking for because once you master it you'll realize you can achieve similar results with just about any product 😉. In my opinion, diffusing leads to more VOLUME. All products used are listed in the description box of the full video so if you're interested in knowing what I used for each method, be sure to check out the full video on my #youtube channel, (link in bio), for a more detailed explanation & more tips on the techniques.

Девочки,вы же помните, как сложно мне дался выбор детского автокресла?😅 Выбирали,смотрели,советовались и купили все-таки лучшее из лучших( мое однозначное мнение!) 😋 Главный кайф ,что оно крутится на 360 градусов,но вот с собой его не возьмёшь- тяжеловато будет и оно до 4х лет🙈
Позавчера мне открыли глаза на мир😂Появилось чудесное,портативное,компактное,а самое главное безопасное автокресло (бустер нового поколения) @mifold_kids для детей🤤 .
Девочки,оно помещается в сумочку😍Теперь не болит голова о том,что такси нужно заказывать с пометкой "дети& #34; , кстати ,когда случилось ДТП мы с Милли уехали на такси, столкнувшись с проблемой перевозки малышей(только 4 вызов машины был удачным🙊) ,а это положила в сумку и поехала😂, ещё его можно брать в путешествия и цена приемлемая (в районе 4-х тысяч) . Правда подходит оно деткам от 4ех лет, но зато я уже нашла замену нынешнему😋Столько крутых новинок появляется, но самое главное все они нужные и полезные👆🏻 Так что если вы сейчас в поисках,заказывайте бустер Mifold!😋

Sporty-chic with her lemon dress from @the.pinkunicorn.boutique I'm in loveeee with the back!


Back to the roots#curlyhair #natural💚

Aquela foto que os produtos saem melhor na foto do que você porque são maras! ❤😍😂😂
Resenha dos #produtos da linha #cachosonline da @inoarbrasil
Link na Bio. ❤

#Cachos #cacheadas
#Curlyhair #curlybloggers

End of this theme 🌼 How did you like it? 💖

#michaeljackson #fedora #curlyhair #smoothcriminal #kingofpop

Olha elaaaaaaa,
Tá cheia de ousadia nessa foto. Mas não é só uma ft ostentando um bundão (até pq eu não tenho bunda mesmo 😅), é só para mostrar que vc não precisa ter um corpo perfeito para sair com uma silhueta bonita nas fotos. Tudo é uma questão de ângulo, de luz e sombra, ou a sua postura nas fotos. Por isso eu sempre digo (pra que comenta cmg) que minhas fts são tudo ilusão de ótica. 😂😂😂 Porém, quando o assunto é auto estima (principalmente a falta dela) Vale a pena usar desses truques para se enxergar de uma maneira mais bonita. Vc é linda do jeito que vc é!!!! E olha só como são trouxas aqueles que não acreditam no seu potencial...

I don't even know what to say to this. There are people that wear makeup that are just as beautiful without. Bye once again 😭✌️ tag a MUA in the comments ❤️(and I edit all my photos to go with my theme 😊) #makeup #beauty #beautiful #pink #eyebrows #eyeliner #nails #nailart #fashion #eyeshadow #lashes #queen #lit #fun #glam #queen #eyelashes #love #fit #fitness #goals #fitgoals #art #artwork #melanin #curls #curlyhair #lipstick

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