The curly half-up bun for Sunday morning latte! Tag your curly gals who would love this look 👀 #ichosecurly
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You can innovatively curl your lashes and line your eyelids at the same time by following this simple step-
Line your eyelash curler's inner side of upper lid with a KAJAL/EYELINER/KOHL PENCIL, and then curl your lashes and Tadaa😍 It's done.

You can also thicken your eyelashes✌
Just apply mascara on your eyelashes and then cover it with some face powder and over-coat it with mascara again. And Bam🤩 Your eyelashes will look thicker💃

Try it and tell your experiences in the comment box below😊
DMs for advices are most welcome.

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#CurlWithStyle Tip Of The Day: Dry shampoo is an essential cleanser for those wearing sew-in natural hair. It's perfect for the healthy maintenance needed in-between salon visits, or when you don't have the necessary time to wash your hair at home. It absorbs the oil that makes your hair look greasy without drying your scalp out, like washing your hair with water every day can do. Some of the best/most popular dry shampoos are by Klorane, TRESemmé and Amika. #FromDrabToCurlFAB

#CurlWithStyle DIY Recipe: As we re-tool and re-brand our Curlfab Premium Hair Care product line, We want to ensure you all that it is still one of our primary directives to present you with positive and helpful tips that can empower, encourage, motivate and help all of our beautiful people move towards accomplishing your personal hair goals daily. #empoweringothers 💋 Stay Tuned!

Metaphorically speaking, this is just proof that we were never meant to be the same tomorrow as we are today. Innately built to shed that which is dead and no longer serves us on a DAILY basis. 🤔👑

All of you beautiful people have the power to change the world if you start with yourself💖

Good Morning Beautiful People! As we look to further improve and add to our Curlfab Premium Hair Care Brand, we would like to hear from you! Thank you for your feedback and continued support. 💖

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True Growth, w/Anything, Is Never By Mere Chance....It Is The Result Of Forces Working Together.

Good Hair Days Have The Ability To Make You Feel Like You Can Overcome ANYTHING & Take Over The World! Your Crowning Glory. Own It. Love It. ENJOY It! 💖➰

Fabulous People...May We Know Them, May We Be Them, May We Raise Them. #drabtocurlfab

Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty and an expression of self-love. What will yours say? **Double Tap If You Agree**

Always be loyal the "Royal" in YOU! #curlsruletheworld✨👑

I know we are not alone on this one🤔 lol Double Tap if you agree!

There is nothing more rare, nor more FABULOUS than a woman being unapologetically herself! Absolutely gorgeous💖 Credit: @esmeedezwart #CurlsRunTheWorld #FabulousFridays #DrabToCurlfab

Driven by the forces of LOVE...the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come into being.💋

LOL! Yes, you know better Sister! Accessories are the "exclamation point" for a curly girl. Tag someone you know needs this humorous reminder😁😁

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