Si se puede! Confiad en el proceso yo también tuve muchos días en que creía que nada funcionaba. Han pasado 3 meses entre estas dos fotos. Pero sigo estrictamente el tema de los surfactantes. No los uso porque resecan mi cabello e irritan mi cuero cabelludo. ✅Quiero aclarar el tema de los sulfatos que veo hay mucho lío.
Los sulfatos son un tipo de surfactante. He recibido millones de preguntas de cuál es la diferencia y no hay ninguna. Todos son detergentes que arrastran toda la suciedad pero también los aceites naturales del cabello. Hasta que no hagáis la transición total de productos nocivos para vuestros cueros cabelludos no obtendréis resultados. Este método (Curly girl method) no funciona si no se hace correctamente. No podéis hacerlo a medias ni con productos de súper. Es imposible encontrar un champú sin surfactantes en el supermercado. Si no podéis permitiros el hecho de comprar champus de calidad o pasaros al cowash os dejo un tip: 📍Usad champús con surfactantes suaves (Lauryl Glicosido, coco glucosido, Cocamidopropilbetaína, Sodio sulfato de coco, Babassuamidopropyl betaína, etc) e intentad diluir vuestro champú con agua para reducir la concentración de sulfatos. -------------------------------
Yes you can! Trust in the process. I also had many days that I believed that nothing worked. 3 months between these two photos. But I strictly follow the method of surfactants. I do not use them because they dry my hair and irritate my scalp. I want to clarify the issue of the sulfates that I see there is a lot of confusion.
Sulfates are a type of surfactant. I have received millions of questions about what the difference is and there are none. All are detergents that drag all the dirt but also the natural oils of our hair. Until you don't make the total transition of harmful products you will not get results. This method (Curly girl method) does not work if it is not done correctly. You can not do it half or with comercial products. It is impossible to find a shampoo without surfactants in the supermarket. If you can not afford the fact of buying quality shampoos or move to the cowash I leave a tip: 📍Use shampoos with mild surfactants and add some water.

Fine hair product application videos for fine hair - part 1 ...
I made product application videos on how I apply styling products to my fine low-porosity curls! I decided to make 1 minute segments to avoid having to edit or cut anything. It’s not perfect, but it will do. I haven’t had the time to invest in a YouTube channel or to learn video editing ...
If you are short on time, I would recommend skipping to videos 5,6, and 7 where I show you how I clump my hair after applying flaxseed gel ...
I want to take a moment to thank @curlsandblondies for emphasizing the power of flaxseed in her videos, and to @honestlizhere for recommending the use of a denman brush for curl clumping ...
My top suggestion to those just starting out would be to watch what others do, try their techniques, and use them in a way that works for your hair. If a technique doesn’t work, keep trying new things! The amount of free information available to curly girls right now is incredible. Use it, and don’t forget to let your mentors know how much you appreciate their advice 😉 ...
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Holy Cowash Batman! This is a bit more like it! For some weird reason, I misunderstood the art of cowashing and thought that that counted as a true wash! Well yay!
I cowashed using @devacurl One Condition. I then used L’Oréal’s Evercurl Hydracharge Leave In. Riddled with silicones, but the other stuff was too much and my hair is used to it. Happy for other suggestions. Coated in Supercream then scrunched Deva Soft/Light (I forget the name) Defining Gel. Plopped for 20 min with a Turbie Twist and then diffused to set curls before air drying. Then diffused to break the cast and voila! Much happier today than with my result the other day! Yaaaaay!!!
#curls #curlyhair #curlygirl #curlygirlmethod #devacurl #hif3liciahelped #curlsandblondies #cowash #datenight #bornagaincurly

My day one and day two curls refreshed with @innersenseorganicbeauty You can see how I refreshed in my story but I refreshed with a spray bottle of water, their spray leave in conditioner and small amount of the quit calm curl creme. I’m posting a full review later today! I fluff as normal and for day two I tried using my pick @curlsandblondies and I love the volume and trying that out! #curlsandblondies

Saturday Football and I’m representing Miami! Not the Dolphins! The Golden Girls! Here’s my go-to, everyday style; messy bun, pinned up, with a headband. I used my Stylist Sprayer and some of Curls Blueberry Bliss Leave-in. Smells amazing and my hair is touchably soft. 4th day curls though! Rock that frizz! Hoping to learn new techniques, styles, and maybe how to take a selfie!
#curlyhair #curlygirl #curls #curlygirlmethod #messybun @curls #hif3liciahelped #curlsandblondies #blueberrybliss #rockyourfrizz #goldengirls #thankyouforbeingafriend #dorothyinthestreetsandablanchinthesheets #goldengirlsobsession

My Curlspirations! These beauties inspired me to start from scratch with my curls. They could be curlier and so much healthier! @ctcurlyhairsalon think we could swing something like this?
@hif3licia @style_dose @curlsandblondies #curls #curlyhair #curlspiration #wce #hif3liciahelped #curlsandblondies #naturalhair #healthycurls #devacurl #curlygirl #bornagaincurly

My nieces #curls are for sure my #manecrushmonday I love that she shares this in common with her #tia and although I'm sure she thinks I'm bananas when I'm all in her face 😍 with heart eyes over her curls, I pray she grows up always knowing she's a Queen and her curls are her crown. #summertime

I love her curls 😍😍😍. You have beautiful curls Sanne 😊. #manecrushmonday #curlsandblondies

I'm feeling very #PrideandPrejudice with my hair today. Ignore the nosy kiddo and the blurry images. Still happy. #hif3liciahelped #curlsandblondies

nessa terra
que é tanta para tão pouco céu,
calhou-me a mim ser ave.

Pequenas que são,
as minhas asas parecem-me enormes.

escondo-as dos olhares vizinhos.

Nas minhas costas
pesam versos e plumas.

um dia
sem saber,
se é de terra ou de céu,
a pegada do voo que sonhei.

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De afgelopen week ben ik begonnen met de haarproducten van Curls! @frizzfreecurls Wauw m'n haar is zo zacht en m'n krullen worden dag op dag weer sterker! Aanradertje 😉😘 #happy💗 #curls #frizzfreecurls #curlsandblondies #hairjourney #blondhair #curlylove

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