Aubrey is one tough cookie. She is very stoic. She has been a fighter from the beginning which showed in her NICU days. She loves singing and dancing, especially Moana. We listen to the soundtrack all day. She loves bubbles and any kind of crafts, liking painting and drawing. She loves her big brother and playing with her sister.

Aubrey started going to the potty very frequently and had a few nights on bed wetting, which was very usually for her. We took her to the pediatrician thinking that she just had a UTI. Her pediatrician was just doing a routine abdomen examine and felt what he thought was either an enlarged liver or constipation. He sent Aubrey for an abdominal x-ray. The next day he called and said there was some stool there, gave us a regimen to clear the stool, and said to see him back in a week. We took Aubrey back for her follow up appointment in a week and her pediatrician still felt a lump. He looked at me and said “I really think this is her liver.” The next day he scheduled a ultrasound of her liver. He called us the next day with the results and gave us the devastating news that Aubrey had a mass in her liver and we needed to go to the Children’s Hospital.
Hope session by @kaleenenkephoto

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Day by day we continue to be humble and thankful for life's abundant supply of love and blessings!!!!!! Last Monday's appointment at Sloan Kettering which included Joshua's ophthalmology and dental visits, went well. Again, we had the privileged of transportation to and from the hospital, provided by Star Treatment.
The day ended with a NYPD tour for Joshua, which was organized by Officer Anthony from the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau. The tour was also facilitated by Carly Bergstein and Cali Leeds from the Andrew MacDonough B+ Foundation, who represented proudly for their B+ Hero.
The honorary Police Officer Joshua Ramsay, is truly grateful for such an awesome experience to have met and interacted with the respective NYPD affiliates during the tour. Love and blessings to all.

Get to know Daniel!
In real life, he loves to play with cars and trucks, but when it comes to video games, he's all about the thrill of a dirt bike! His favorite things to eat with his 4 year old brother Kenny is his dad's homemade potato soup.
We were able to build this playset for the whole family last month thanks to @OVMFinancial! 🙌
. . .

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Soooo loove these hats and this story-started by 2 college students with a goal of helping pediatric cancer patients(read their story so touching) and The Ronald McDonald house!! 👏👏👏 great Christmas gifts!!!!@loveyourmelon 👍 #loveyourmelon #curechildhoodcancer #childhoodcancerawareness #hats #ronaldmcdonaldhouse #pediatriccancer #childrenareprecious #wearyourhat

Happy SuperHero Sunday!!!
Meet our superhero of the week, Ellie!! Ellie was diagnosed with brain cancer and hydrocephalus. coming up quickly is her sixth birthday and shortly after that, he angelversary. Ellie passed after a long battle at four years old. despite the hardships, Ellie was a pure bundle of joy!! she LOVED pickles, dancing, and watching movies! her beautiful smile could change the world - and it definitely did. our hearts were torn apart the day Ellie met God, but she won her battle with brain cancer in the end.
Shortly after Ellie’s passing, Mrs. Walton and the Walton family were blessed with another angel. March 21, 2018 Avery Walton, gift from Heaven, was born. today Ellie has an amazing big sister, Ava, who was there every step of the way through her fight and the biggest advocate I know, and baby sister, Avery, whose a gift from Ellie. Mr and Mrs Walton have three amazing little girls, and are two incredible people and advocates.
IG: @prayersforellie ❤️❤️
Ellie was such a big part of our lives, and always will be, as will her family. we miss you baby! come see your family!
No one fights alone!!

Saturday, November 17th 2018. Today was a bit of a rough day for our poor buddy. He vomited his NG tube this morning around 6am. He got to spend the day without it because we were hoping that his appetite had increased enough to hide his medicine in his bottles again. Unfortunately it was a little too early for that and we ended up replacing it again this evening. The NG tube placement is never fun for anyone involved. It went very fast and smooth but in the short time it took to place the tube Carter cried so hard he popped a million tiny blood vessels all over his head. The nurses say it isn’t going to cause any problems but we are watching it closely. He did have some good fun today too, which is such a blessing with how nauseous he is. One of our oncologists came in today to discuss round 5. We are very concerned to find out that one of the chemo drugs he needs for round 5 is currently in a severe shortage in the US and Canada. There are very limited amounts being produced and unfortunately this particular drug is crucial for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) kids so they get first dibs on any that comes in. Luck is on our side that Carter is so small and only needs a tiny dose. We are hoping that some becomes available and we will get some remanence from the ALL kids doses. It’s heartbreaking to come all this way to discover that he may not get the treatment he needs. The drug is called Erwinaze (Erwinia). If any of our doctor or pharmacy friends out there know where we can find a stash we would be so grateful! #themightycarter #curechildhoodcancer #acutemyeloidleukemia #erwinaze

It’s getting real! #RunDisney #dopeychallenge is less than 8 weeks away!!! I’ll run the 48.6 miles in 4 days, and you can just make a donation to help #curechildhoodcancer #alexslemonadestand https://www.alexslemonade.org/mypage/1495015/member/379324

These moments of pure happiness never get old. Today was a much anticipated reveal day, and Oliver and his family LOVED it! If you haven’t had a chance to view Oliver’s inspirational story yet, head over to our Facebook at www.facebook.com/designingdreamsusa. Even better, check out his reveal video from today! We can’t wait to share more pictures with you all.

Dedicated in loving memory of Antonina Syagaeva, may she Rest In Peace.

We are thankful to our patients, clients, doctors, and lab employees for doing there part.
Keep the fight going Silvia@ www.mysticforcefoundation.com, an incredible organization ❤️ and Heroes Hangout
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I wanted three butterflies 🦋 on my leg, with my kids names. I went to see @lovelessmelvin told him what I wanted and this is what he created for me, in 2009. This tattoo symbolizes my children for having to grow up without a childhood because of Childhood Cancer. #mom #momlife #momma #mommalove #mommy #mother #children #cure #curecancer #cancer #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancersucks #childhoodcancerawareness #curechildhoodcancer #fuckcancer #septemberischildhoodcancerawarenessmonth #colorful #colors #pediatriccancer #pediatriccancerawareness #braincancer #braincancerawareness #gogoldforchildhoodcancer #butterflies #momofthree #ilovemykids #tattoos #tattoo #tattooed

Saturday’s, in the Park!

“The sight of the stars makes me dream.” The moment we met Dakaicia, we knew this quote couldn’t be more fitting.
When we first met with Dakaicia’s grandmother, she told us how sad it made her and Dakaicia that she couldn’t go out and play with her friends. She said Dakaicia would often sit watching everybody play outside of her window. Since she couldn’t join her friends outside for fun, our goal was to bring all of the fun and inspiration to her. Dakaicia dreamed of becoming an astronomer. She loved everything to do with the stars and space, and we wanted to surround her with the things that reminded her of her hopes and dreams.
Part of what made this possible was an amazing, starry, glow in the dark, glittery mural. Swipe for the incredible glow in the dark mural that made the night sky come alive in Dakaicia’s room.

Pet scan complete. She is radioactive ☢️ for 24 hrs so she can’t be around kids, pregnant women or old people. What about dogs? Forgot to ask! If you didn’t have a Pet Scan today your Friday was good!! #bethankful #prayfornolightup #gbm #coloncancer #cmmrd #11yearsurvivor #cancertotallysucks #curechildhoodcancer #mydaughterismyhero

🎗💛Because of all your support in my Canvases Against Cancer project, this past weekend I went to @alexslemonade ‘s lemon run and was able to donate $260 to help fight childhood cancer! I sold 18 canvases and exceeded my goal of $100 thanks to you guys! My team raised $5765 over all! Thank you to all who bought a canvas or sent a donation I didn’t expect the response I got and because of that I now have a ton of canvases to finish painting so thank you also for your patience! If you ordered a canvas and have a deadline for when you need it by (like if you need it by Christmas) let me know! 🎗🍋
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Wonderful evening benefitting CURE Childhood Cancer with chefs Out of the Kitchen. Our head che, Gerry Klaskala of Aria, prepared our dinner which was nothing less than stellar! #curechildhoodcancer #stregisatlanta #ariarestaurant #gerryklaskala

Meet Greyson. This sweet boy and his family could use your prayers today. 🎗🙏🏻🖤
#RepostPlus @allicorbitt
- - - - - -
Greyson is being extubated today! While this is GREAT news, this is also TERRIFYING. Please be praying for the extubation to be a success! Also, here is a list of specific prayer requests for today:

1. That his lungs can handle breathing on their own without the aid of the ventilator (he will still need oxygen). 2. That he will not experience too many withdrawal symptoms as he comes off of all the narcotics they have him on (he started having withdrawals last night but they were able to make him comfortable). 3. That he will not be fearful as he wakes up (given that his memories before being intubated weren’t particularly pleasant). 🧡🎗#goorangeforgrey #childhoodcancer #leukemia #ahus

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