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Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there. An extra special Father's Day to the dads who are looking down on their children from heaven, the dads who have a child in heaven, and the dads who are fighting for their lives here on earth. ❤️
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Brain Cancer kills more children than any other disease and more adults under 40 than any other cancer. Survival rates have not improved since the 1980’s. We are loosing this battle on all fronts, badly. It’s truly devastating to witness, let alone to suffer. In scouring for information this documentary stood out to me as articulately portraying and summarising what is said again and again elsewhere, and perhaps the true state of the situation we’re in - see it here: survivingterminalcancer.com #curebraincancer #braincancer #alfiedavid

Four years ago today, the journey everyone wishes never happened began. I wish in this moment, teaching Taylah to draw cats and dogs while waiting at the Albany Hospital all day came with better results. But that wasn’t to be, and those moments have just lead to all of us missing you everyday.
It was a Tuesday, 17 June 2014. Tegan had returned home from a girls weekend away, where Taylah’s beloved Poppy had noticed she was a bit wonky. She seemed to be lacking strength on one side and was running to the side.

Following a doctors appointment, they thought Taylah may have had a bleed on the brain, the result of a knock to the head at a recent birthday party. At the time, that seemed like the most daunting, horrible thought. But what I would have given now for that to have been the outcome that might have had a glimmer of hope with it at the end.

Hours later, Taylah had been waiting ever so patiently all day, and it was getting late. The doctor came to see Tegan with the news no one wants to hear - the CT scan had shown a mass at the bottom of Taylah’s brain, and she needed to be sent to Princess Margaret Hospital. From there, Taylah went back home for a peaceful night (and a sleepless night for her Mummy) before she headed to Perth the next day.
And so began the journey... the time in hospital, then Ronald McDonald House, chemo, radiation, and living the next 11 months to the fullest. Creating memories and fighting the hardest battle of her life.
I don’t think there will ever be a day where it’s fair, or that anyone understands why. But Taylah’s journey is a big part of who each of us today, whether you were a relative, a friend or if you only became part of her journey after she said goodbye. Her influence is shaping the changes we are all contributing to everyday - I have no doubt she’s responsible for running us off our feet with the insane demand for beanies!
Four years since this moment feels like a lifetime ago, but then it also feels like just yesterday 😔 The reason behind everything 💜 - Em xx

Sunday runday 😄...near the mangroves for a final long run before #gcmarathon. It was a bit cool with a strong westerly bringing the ❄️ (well that’s what it feels like to a Queenslander anyway 😆) but look at that sky 😍!!

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Cheque presentation to Prof Charlie Teo @charlieteofoundation .
Very #blessed to be part of this #journey with the ACYBC to help raise $40,000 for CTF. .
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Brainstorming fundraising for the Brain Cancer Foundation. #fuckyoucancer #cancersucks #curebraincancer #cocklebaywharf

One week until our jumble sale! We have so many great things that people have donated! We also have Bronny from @raynbowcrowstudios doing a paper marbling workshop ($10) so you can learn how to do it and take it home.. we'll have music and people doing happy dances all over the place so do come down and hang out with us! You can still donate items up until next Saturday. Proceeds go to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation ❤
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Yesterday we said goodbye to our beautiful Alfie.
A joyful, strong-willed and serene soul who enriched the lives of all those that spent time with him.
It was a privilege to be his Dad. May Alfie and Sara’s legacy continue to have a positive impact on brain cancer and our lives.

Thank you for all the well wishes, support and to everyone who cared for our littlest love.

#ourlittlestlove #alfiedavid #braincancer #curebraincancer #carriesbeanies4braincancer @sara_chivers

Batches of beanies ❤️ 36 orders down, 11 to go 🙌 Final beanies sold and donation amount raised for the @charlieteofoundation in loving memory of Martyn Correy to come within a week or so 🙌
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Front and back weave and DC weave beanie patterns by @wyld.styles.1
Spiral beanie pattern by @loganberryhandmade
V Stitch beanie pattern by @overtheappletree

Nothing pretty about this evening’s run, except maybe the #sunset. It was a struggle along the streets of Capalaba...legs are sore from running a 100m relay leg against the Year 12 boys at yesterday’s school athletics carnival 😖. I haven’t sprinted for about 3 years 😆!!

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Cheers to Alfie David Chivers as we celebrate this beautiful boy’s life today 💔 Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives, I’ll never forget your smile that always lit up the room ✨ Love you cheeky monkey 😘 #curebraincancer

Our beanies are going gangbusters! Flavour of today - purple non ponytail. Which is your favourite shade? 💜

Alfie David Chivers 
03.04.2016 – 04.06.2018

Today we’ll celebrate the two year life of my little nephew and little hero, Alfie. We are all so proud of him. In his fight against brain cancer, Alfie went through 10+ brain operations, multiple infections and complications, 5 months of high-dose chemotherapy, 9 months of intensive hospitalisation, months of headaches and vomiting, seizures, the loss of his adoring mother to the same disease and then finally when on more drugs than an most adults could manage – 10 days without food or water. After all that, he still fought for his last breaths… His strength, character and courage throughout was unfathomable. We will all admire, love and miss you forever little buddy. RIP. #curebraincancer #braincancer #alfiedavid

⭐️ STOCKIST UPDATE ⭐️ We are so proud and grateful to have @navarnahairartistry stocking our ponytail beanies in Albany! The answer to all your hair problems in the one place!

Thank you to Sandy and the Navarna team for getting behind our cause - your support is invaluable 💜 📷 Navarna Hair Artistry

Find someone who looks at you the way my dog looks at food! Throwback to when Elzee was a dog model for the day. 🐶 🐕

The emotional moment @ian.mountford finished his 46mile/75km run for @curebraincancer. So pleased @pip.candrick made it for a lap. Ian and Pip you are both such an inspiration ❤️❤️ Not to mention @bevdog99 who kept Ian going all day 🏃🏻‍♂️ #curebraincancer #braincancer #braincancerawareness #46inthepark #gostriders #centennialpark #ultramarathon #sydneylife #2xu #runnersofinstagram

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