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Thanks to everyone who came out to support Team Mary Kay today! We may look dysfunctional, but as a team, we raised over $2,200! #curealz

Taking over an hour to drive 5 miles? You must be in NYC! #curealz #haliatherapeutics

Thank to everyone who joined us, supported us with encouragement, and donated. We are so lucky to have so many people who join us in fighting Alzheimer's and keeping my Mom's memory alive. #walk2endalz

You'll never know dear how much I love you...💜🌻🐘 #sweetsoul #endalz #curealz #endalzheimers #curealzheimers

| BIRTHDAYS | celebrate you. it used to be I would close my eyes and listen to your voice as you read Daniele and I bedtime stories followed with our room being filled with the sound of your laughs and beautiful smiles. You created a home that was filled with love and felt safe because of all the the heart you gave us. This is the first year we are not together for your special day as you rest recovering from the flu. Thinking about you as we celebrate you each and every day. You remind me everyday to not lose hope and to continue to persevere ... I miss this smile in this moment with you. Now my auto reminder is set so that even when we don't always get to be by your side you are always with us. Celebrating the mother who brings a smile into our lives in every way. I promise to always celebrate you even when you forget. #loveumom #endalz #curealz

We reached our goal of $212k for this years Walk to End Alzheimers! Thank you to all the participants, walkers and sponsors! Tomorrow night we will celebrate at The Fitzroy from 5-8 with appetizers on us. I hope to see you there. #TeamBrannock #WhiteFlower #CureALZ

Great news! The piece will run Again this morning during the 9am, 10 am and 11am hours!!! #LaughNowCryLater @robinmeade @hln #GivingExpress @morningexp @mikegalanoshln #CureAlz.org #grateful #teambeatalzheimers www.LaughNowCryLater.net

Wishing everyone a happy New Year! 💜💙🎉🎈#happynewyear2017 #newyearsresolution #wishforacure #curealz #caretoremember


He's One Of My Work & Wealth Visas. He's Everything I Want To Be In A Multi-Billionaire & Business Person. I Would Love To Have The Freedom He Has To Do Awesome Things Like This. Yesterday (11/14) Via Several Sources, It Was Announced That One Of My Dream Mentors Bill Gates (@thisisbillgates) Has Invested $100 Million To Alzheimer's Research. I Had To Hold Back Tears Because I Lost 5 Close Relatives & A Family Friend To Dementia & Alzheimer's. One Of My Old Neighbors Is Battling It While Her Husband Is Caring For Her. People At My Mom's Church Who Know My Family Are Battling It As Well With Family Members Doing The Best They Can To Care For Them. This Is A Cause Of My Life Also Because It Devastates Communities Of Color More & The Baby Boomer Generation (Our Parents, Grandparents, & Great Grandparents Now) Is Aging. According To This Article, "5 Million Americans Are Living With Alzheimer's & Shall Possibly Balloon To 16 Million By 2050. The Costs Of Treatment Will Rise To Over $1 Billion If New Treatments Are Not Developed." The Struggle Is Indeed Real. That's Why I Am Grateful To Bill For Signing On To Our Cause To Help Fight & End Alzheimer's & Dementia. Mental Health Is Always Important But As We Age, That Importance Increases. Many Families Are Not Aware Of This Disease, Its Symptoms & Impact. As A Former Caretaking Assistant Of A Relative Who Lived With & Died From This, I Can Safely Assure People That Awareness & Education Is Far Better & Greater Than Oblivion & Ignorance. Never Be Caught Sleeping Because The Quality Of Their Remaining Lives & Health Depend On It. May More Join This Movement & Thanks To All Who Have Done It As Well As Continued To Do Work In It. Namaste, Bill. -- 🐥 Repost From: @time 🙏💯💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 #KLife #KFamily #KWorkGoals #KMentorGoals #causesofmylife #IGoPurpleFor #caretakers #caregivers #champions #salute #appreciation #celebration #remembrance #tribute #appreciation #BillGates #philanthropy #charity #venturecapitalism #nonprofit #research #alzheimers #curealz #2017strong

We reached our goal of $212k for this years Walk to End Alzheimers! Thank you to all the participants, walkers and sponsors! Tomorrow night we will celebrate at The Fitzroy from 5-8 with appetizers on us. I hope to see you there. #TeamBrannock #WhiteFlower #CureALZ

Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease (EOAD), which is thought to affect between 220,000 and 640,000 Americans, begins between age 45 and 64. It looks different than late-onset AD, and it has different consequences because it arrives during the prime years of adulthood. 📢 #alzheimers #alzheimersdisease #alz #AlzheimersAwarenessMonth #dementia #health #keeplearning #stopalz #curealz #CureInMind 📢

Taking over an hour to drive 5 miles? You must be in NYC! #curealz #haliatherapeutics

Made our way to Boston yesterday for the @curealzheimers annual research symposium. Amazing to meet the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund team, talk to other heroes, and see where the money you all donated is going. Remember, you and your friends and family can still donate at curealz.org/heroes/running-road-trip
#curealz #curealzheimers #curealzheimersfund #alzheimersawareness #research #researchsymposium #boston

Happy birthday to me🍎My mum and my father dance years ago 🍎The rainbow comes and goes 🐛🦋Remembering Great book of @andersoncooper 🌈My mum is alzheimer,sometimes i believe she remembers me and some moments she does not remember .I am very thankful to my mum and family🍎Dün annemin yanındaydım,bazen beni hatırladı ,bazen hatırlamadı,eski fotoları gösterip kızı olduğumu ispatlamaya çalıştım,sonra durumu kabullendim ve taktik değiştirdim ,ben ona çok teşekkür ettim,zorluklarla bizi büyüttüğü için teşekkür ettim ,işte o zaman çok manalı ve güzel baktı ki...Hayat mükemmel değil ,kabul etmek lazım,Gencler bilmez belki anlatayim ,eskiden iki kisi bir elmayi dusurmeden dans edermis,balolar ve danslar cok guzel olurmus💃🍎🚶Bütün aile büyüklerim,dostlarim ve arkadaslarim dogum gunumde beni hatirladiginiz icin cok cok tesekkur ederim ❤️🔗♥️🔗♥️🔗♥️ #alzheimer #spiritualtruth #endalz #endlesslove #black #blackandwhitephoto #alzheimersawareness #therainbowcomesandgoes #lifeisbeautiful #lifeisnotperfect #curealz #curealzheimers @dr_sevda_sarikaya #felicità #elephantsremember🐘💜 @tulay_erbesler @zeynepayl #mymumandmydad #60svintage #60svibes #mymumispainter

Supporting Team Stephanie at the walk to end ALZ today. Ms. Stephanie loves visits from the comfort dogs. #ppmsquad #endalz #walk2endalz

Ended the day with a beautiful moment. Earlier in the day, a very nice lady gave us this flower to walk with at the walk to end Alzheimer's. Once we had eaten dinner we decided to "plant" our flower out front to show our support for the cause and in memory of #emmieshae GG. Once we wrote our notes on the petals we went outside and did just that. Then the strangest, most amazing thing happened. The wind was blowing pretty hard, but right when we tried to get a picture, the wind instantly stopped so that we could get these precious shots. Even though they never met, Emmie always grabs the picture and gives her kisses. We've all been touched by Alzheimer's in some way. Soon we will have a cure. Such a beautiful moment I'm glad we will now have forever.

#cureforalzheimers #walktocurealzheimers #curealz #cure4alz #alzheimers #inmemory #gg #family #love #flower #forgetmenots #flowersforalzheimers #caring #togetherness #beautifulmoment #beautiful #forgrams #greatgrandma #mydadbrand

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