Neon said, LOVE.

♧ 21 JL2018

🌹 All that cookie talk yesterday got me craving for coffee (but you can drink whatever you want 😉 🍷)
This "blooming" cheeky babe is in my shop > laumoraiti.com < and I'm really excited to be sharing that link because as of now I have a tiny website yayyyy!
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What roast would you prefer today? #oliversdailygrind #yourdailygrind

| I like big cup and I can not lie 🍑 Tu catch tu la référence? |

I know you’ve been waiting all week for it! Sunday’s cup! Do you have any rituals or traditions? And, how long do you have to do something for it to become a tradition? #themoreyouknow #viviennelux #traditions

|| Trapped ||
I feel lost. Frustrated. Scared. Unsure. Anxious. Trapped. Unfulfilled.
I feel like im trapped in an unsatisfying existence.
Wasting my precious time doing things that i really don’t want to be doing.
Things I hate about myself is that, I am clueless, ignorant, oblivious.
I don't have any freaking idea what I want out of this life and what can it offer me!
I just dont have a clue and it's making me paranoid.
I am growing up fast and sometimes, I feel I am just a little girl deep inside.
I worry about my future
When I am not very sure about my present all the while trying to forget my past.
My life's like a whirlwind.

Sorry for this long caption but that's what I feel every fucking day. I was about to deactivate this acc that's why i created another one but then thanks to @againloseyourself I'm still here. His words always encourage me to keep doing this thing!
- -

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My kind of Sunday morning.
Photo of @audentesmen #womenandcoffee

Ouu hot hot hot! Just what I need for this rainy and chilly Sunday.


Patio chill ☕

A cup of chai to warm your heart and soul! The delicious creamy chai makes everything better! 🤩☕️ .
Double tap and follow @chay_co for more! ❤️✌🏼 .

Tatilde iyi kahve..Neden olmasın? 👌☕️ Why shouldn’t you have perfect coffee on the boat? 👍 #holiday #boat #sailing #summer #coffeetime

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