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Growth can feel unbelievably exposing but at the same time so freeing. Teacher trainings are full of growth. Together we learn about the yogic path and remove layer by layer of the things holding us back. At some point we may feel exposed and raw but through the practice we work it out and become brave, strong, renewed, ready to share our knowledge and gifts with the world. I couldn't be more excited to start leading this fall Teacher Training with @kumiyogini at @vedayoga
Training starts this coming Friday, the 22nd. It's not too late to sign up! Check out the link in my bio!
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Training Day with students and friends at LIMA TAEKWONDO & MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY 🥇🥇22 years of success in California USA 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

This was pheNOMenal and all but.. where’s the avocado 😐🥑

Goodnight all, anyone else dream about rosé and avocado toast? I can't be the only one 🍷✨🥑

You can hate on my selfies and portraits and bikini videos all you want because they "aren't yoga" and my account name has yoga in it. I am secure enough in myself and have been sharing on ig long enough that negative comments like that don't phase me. But one thing I will ALWAYS speak to is when people say that sharing yoga online or on Instagram isn't real yoga and that I (we) are not real yogis because of it. I will be the first to admit that taking pictures in pretty places for Instagram isn't what my real practice looks like. That does not take away from who I or anyone else on this platform is as a yogi. It isn't our pictures that determine our yogicness, it's our real life.
There is no one definition of yoga. The actual physical practice (I.e. what you see on here) is based on the theory that working the body helps bring about awareness in the mind, and eventually a union between the two. That's a simplistic definition, but you get the point. And while posting on this platform isn't always an example of our regular asana practice, it is an example of the unifying nature of yoga and the yogic community. Yoga brings us together in so many ways. When we are on our mats, we are all in the same place. We are all brought together by our desire to practice. When we step off our mats and into the world, yoga unites us in other ways. It brings us together with similar philosophies, similar practice experiences, and similar desires in regards to working on ourselves. Yoga also brings us together physically. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into class at a new studio and walked out with a new mentor or friend. All of my current real life friends, our people I met through this online yoga community.
Call Instagram Yoga vanity, egotistical, whatever you want. What you can't say is that it doesn't bring people together in all sorts of ways, and that union is part of the essence of the practice. Yoga is more than asana. Yoga is more than what you can see. Yoga is more than this platform. You'd do well to not forget that the next time you feel like passing judgment.
📸 @karmacaptures with @martina_sergi, @haileeyoga, and @martina__rando

Best way to start the day 🍓 and a new post on theluxilook.com #happytuesday

Enjoy the journey ⭐️ By: @wrdsmth #motivationmonday


Is it Thursday yet? @freeparkingcom has a fresh, new lineup coming at you this week featuring Jackie Fabulous - @jackiefabulous, John McKay - @johnlmckay, Kyle Ploof - @kyleploof, Geoff Plitt - @geoff_plitt, Brian Jesiolowski - @gzalowski, Justin Wade - @justinwingswade, Jade Catta Preta - @thejademovie, and Jessimae Peluso - @jessimaepeluso. Hosting is Jaclyn Marfuggi - @jaclynmarfuggi and producing as always is Christine Casagrande - @XtineBigHouse. Last week's show was an awesome one so you're not going to want to miss out!

I'm subbing Gil's class at Your Neighborhood Dance Studio (aka Danceline LA) tomorrow, come get down! 6pm

3625 Hayden Ave, Culver City, CA 90232

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Pulling shots over at barnine 😎 check out there sweet ass #modbar looks fancy as fuck! Pretty cool man! [Espresso extraction class went down today] I love learning others aproach on extraction, anything coffee related and I'm there! Thank you for the class my dude! @lak991 #coffeenerds

ATTENTION...Attention please 🗣
We are doing a 🎉GIVEAWAY 🎉
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Ready to win?
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If you win, BOTH you and your friend will each win a spot in our Saturday Sept. 23rd Pasta workshop in 📍PASADENA, CA.
The contest ends Thursday Sept. 21 @ midnight PST and the winners will be announced Friday Sept. 22.
Happy tagging!!!
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Today we conquered the Culver City Stairs 💪👟#daylightgrazing #girlswhohike

Rainbow is Coming 🌈

I woof running around + playing with my #LA human 🐶💕✨ #culvercity

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"The sky has no limits, neither should you"💪🏽😏 #consistencyiskey🔑 #goldsgym #culvercity #workingforit #messyhairdontcare💁 #getitma

WED 9/20 is #ShortAveElementary #FoodTruckFiesta in #MarinaDelRey! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Save on gas at home & let our #foodtruck buds do the cooking 🍳! Grab it to go or stay & enjoy a leisurely picnic along w/ live #jazzmusic on the front lawn 🎼🎷! Joining us: @surfertaco @dipdtruck @la.donut 🚚🚚🚚 ➡️WHEN: 5-8pm WHERE: 12814 MAXELLA AVE #LOSANGELES #90066 ⬅️A % of sales goes back to support the school! #fundraiser 💰 DINE FOR A GOOD CAUSE 😋🍽•••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #fundraising #culvercity #venice #lausd #foodtrucks #dailyfoodfeed #instagood #foodie #lafoodie #dinner #dessert #eeeeeats #eatfamous #foodpics #foodgasm #forkyeah #foodiegram #donuts #fishtacos #frenchdip

Picking out counters for my new listing - how gorgeous is this? It's quartz but totally looks like natural stone! Swoon! ❤️

• love the minimal industrial design at @barninela
their cold brew is really, really good! •

We offer headshots & portrait sessions starting at $100! All of our packages include a clean edit of your photos, complete online gallery, high resolution download and the rights to print and share your photos as you please! Located in Long Beach, CA and serving all surrounding areas! 💕💖💕www.cocojoeproductions.com

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