Disorder in the society is the result of disorder in the family.


The lying and conceited #MSM (Mainstream media) of the #CulturalMarxist Regressive Left libel Tommy Robinson as a Nazi, whilst (like a tennis match set) the mainstream right similarly refer to him in such terms as far right supremacist etc.

That's why across the West, they've lost perhaps most of their viewership to the various #AlternativeMedia. *** Here before the eyes and cameras of the world stands #AviYemini an empowered brown skinned Australian Jew wearing his skullcap proudly, Avi a human rights advocate for #Freedom and #liberty, leading a protest of #hundreds in Australia today (Perth?), After it would evidently appear having #engineered something similar in Tel Aviv (Israel) too, the assembled hosts message that of:
Calling for the salvation of Tommy Robinson. ***
Strange that any Jewish person would pull out all stops across 48 hours to help a so called 'nazi white supremacist eh?'. N.B. Tommy Robinson, may have been a dash of a hooligan in his early youth, but he was #never a racist nor fascist of any measure...quite the opposite in fact, that he constantly purged the EDL when he led it in the early years, of BNP (real SS loving fascist worshippers) and other undesirables (homophobic, racist types) by intentionally putting; - Oppressed Muslim Women, - Gay Guys and Girls (LGBT)
- and Coloured Blacks and Sikhs at the forefront of every EDL march in order to ensure that this was the diverse vision he wanted.

When he could no longer manage what the EDL had become after taking the fall for his wife (so that her face wouldn't be made available to his haters) and got sent to jail, he did not return to the EDL as it had by then really been taken over by SS Waffen loving fascists (who would regularly send over thugs from south Wales to try and kill him as the: 'Jew, Gays n blacks lover' that they hated him for. ***
#FreeTommy ⛑️🗽🍀🌅🔮🇮🇱☯️🇦🇺 ***
Full video of Australian Demonstration outside the British Consulate here:
https://youtu.be/5yj7kCHSqG0 🐨🌏 Hashtags:
#AviYemini #Australia #TelAviv #Freedom #Liberty

#120db is the true #metoomovement: https://youtu.be/5QoO1KR634k

"Progressivism" is nothing but the all-consuming effort to reinvent the wheel - but this time in any shape but round.

"Ima gender non-conforming femme warrior. In past lives, I have been a turtle, a palm tree, and a river nymph. My full time job is resisting colonialist, capitalist, white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy through writing, learning, loving, and healing. I like mangos and beaches. I believe in the power of dreams. You can find me on my website, tumblr, buzzfeed, twitter, facebook..."


Just say "NO" to post-modern neo-marxism.

The #RegressiveLeft, #CulturalMarxist and the #usefulidiots aka mini #Maoist they are controlling in public schools want to disarm society so they can control the state and use it to carry out their threats.

These people are immoral and many have mood disorders. They cannot imagine themselves owning a gun and being responsible for their own safety (most aren’t even responsible enough to save, invest or insure themselves) and because they foolishly think we are all the same/equal they probably think we are all as mentally unstable as they are.


#AyaanHirsiAli #Respect #Truth #⚠️ This is directed at all the Anti-American, Anti-West traitors in our society. i.e. #CulturalMarxist #Feminazi & #PantiFa

I'm getting really tired of the #MSM's love affair with #DirtyCommies #StefanMolyneux is trying his best to fight back using reason & evidence but these homicidal #culturalmarxist scum fight dirty & the #meatpuppets at #CNN, #NBC, #ABC & #MSNBC are working to subvert our elected president while pushing their #socialist #propaganda. #☠#culturalmarxistpropaganda #RedPill #selfknowledge #wakeup #thewestisthebest #FreeDomainRadio

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