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#flashback to #costarican shenanigans with good people and lush jungle all around. #flashbackfriday #puravida #cultivatingcreativity

~I ❤️ Creative Family Projects!! Here's an oldie but goodie: creatively-directed & shot by my GENIUS of a lil' sister, Miss Sailor Lee. 🌹💎💐⚓️👑🌿🌷We shot all afternoon in the summer rain; it was quite moody and atmospheric. Mom did my BOMB towel-wrap & dramatic lipliner like the ultimate aesthetically-attuned PRO that she is. There's nothing better than spontaneously creating with the people you love!!~ 🌈 #MothersDayMemories #CultivatingCreativity

Successful meeting with Mayor Steinman bringing Art is Smart NJ to the township of Rahway! #artissmartnj #cultivatingcreativity #buildingleaders #empoweringtheyouth

I can't wait to teach master classes along with choreography workshops this weekend here in Washington DC! If you want more information check out @balletincity #cultivatingcreativity #passingonthelove #tour #DC #lovinglife

Happy Sunday 🌀 make sure to take time for yourself.. for your body.. for creative self love 💛💫🙏 missing these two beauties @erinkellyart @casa_colibri who recently lead the #cultivatingcreativity retreat 🙏 #dowhatyoulove #plugintopuravida #selflove #costaricayoga

This drill is a game changer! Getting a taste of what the float feels like, literally blew my mind. Thank you steph @casa_colibri for making me feel like the press is accessible, I feel so close! #questforthepress #cultivatingcreativity #yogaeverydamnday

Missing Costa Rica soo hard right now!!! This photo was taken on my 28th bday, It was one of the most beautiful experiences by far! @bodhiimaging alisia thank you for the wonderful photos, it took me back to these wonderful moments! @casa_colibri & @erinkellyart THANK YOU for hosting a great retreat for awesome souls to come together and practice! Sooo looking forward to Costa Rica again next year!! #cultivatingcreativity #costarica #yogaretreat #flexilexifitness

After days of the flu a little Friday night painting breaks up the monotony #mylittleguy #cultivatingcreativity #morecreativethanme


I'm finding moments of gratitude between the many moments of self doubt. It's difficult to know what the right answers are, or if we are truely on the right path. But I'm learning to find balance more and more every day. I read a few quotes today in "The Artist's Way" with Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan that really resonated with me. "In choosing, that we often resist is what we most need." They also note, "When we engage in a creativity recovery, we enter into a withdrawl process from life as we know it. Withdrawl is another way of saying detachment or nonattachment, which is emblematic of consistent work with any meditation practice. In movie terms, we slowly pull focus, lifting up and away from being embedded in our lives until we attain an overview. This overview empowers us to make valid creative choices. Think of this journey with difficult, varied and facinating terrtain. You are moving to higher ground. The fruit of your withdrawl is what you need to understand as positive process, both painful and exhilarating." Taking to the many books I haven't read and the projects I have been so undeniably procrastinating on. I'm ready to do this art thing right this time, will you join me? 🌙

#theartistsway #selfie #nomoreprocrastinating #studytime #arttime #cultivatingcreativity

How's your #summer going? What ways are you #CultivatingCreativity with your little ones to get through the long #summerdays ??

Where is your aim for this potent new moon?
What are you desiring in your life?
You have the power to choose with love 💛🏹
#plugintopuravida #costaricaretreat #yogaeveryday #cultivatingcreativity

Day 157/365 When I said I am using thread from my stash-shat I should say is I am using leftover threads from previous projects. I have saved these unused threads for years and I am hoping to move a lot of them into this piece. #1yearofstitches #dailystitching #heritageart #aubienhandcrafted #cultivatingcreativity #embroideryartist #handembroidery #stitchersofinstagram @1yearofstitches

Getting ready to hang this in our master bathroom toilet closet (aka water closet). The shells are from our first visit to Cedar Key 8 years ago. We haven't missed a year since.
#brasshammerdesigns #cultivatingcreativity #BrenéBrownTeachings #crafts

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