What does your HAPPINESS rely on?
Do you catch yourself saying I’ll be happy when . . . I have _______ —
~ rock hard abs or that 👙 body
~ no cellulite
~ drop a clothing size
~ new job or career
~ get a pay raise 💴 ~ new 👠 or that luxe 👜 ~ fancy car ~ fab vacation ~ in a relationship

I’m sure we all have, I know in the past I thought having a lean bikini body was going to make me so much happier... I would be able to fit into smaller, cute clothes, Gain acceptance of others, I thought chasing respectable careers would make me feel smarter and gain acceptance and acknowledgment from others, and that the material things would give me more joy
Who wouldn’t be happier with more money or any of these things — 😃
Truth is . . . I’ve learned that we’re chasing a feeling by going after material things and we are giving away our power to objects or people in order to be happy, to fill in a void that should be filled by taking ACTION! —
What if we started finding happiness in day to day things happening in our lives? What if we practice gratitude for what we have instead of seeking happiness in things that will leave us feeling empty yet again, what if we find activities that recharge us —
My happiness is getting outside more, having meaningful conversations with friends, living a healthy lifestyle, feeling good in my skin and having an able body, hanging by the beach, watching a 🌅, drinking my coffee in the quiet of the morning, snuggling with my cats, appreciating 😎 and ☔️ days —
Every day I’m finding more and more joy in the little things and as a result I’m a much happier person

What are you grateful for today??
Comment 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 I’d love to see what makes your ❤️ happy

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The universe does not lie my darlings listen to it ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #manifestyourdesires #trustyourjourney #livepositive #spreadlove #cultivateyourhappiness #gemini

Give me all the ☀️ 🌞 ☀️ 🌞
and these ladies because they always have my back, are extremely supportive and my energy is restored in their presence
My second tip on CULTIVATING our own HAPPINESSES is based off of our ENVIRONMENT 👯‍♀️
We’ve all heard by now that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend our time with right? It’s so true!!! think about it: these could be our friends, partners, husbands, wives, co-workers or anyone that we interact with on a regular basis. How do we feel when we are around these characters? Interactions don’t always have to be face to face as they can also be through social media, podcasts, books, or any other medium you can think of
If we are unhappy with the vibes these individuals/interactions are bringing into our life, then we have to take better inventory of where we can make changes to fulfill our own happiness needs
A few suggestions for ^^^ happiness! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> limit the amount of time spent with low energy people, if you find yourself in this situation... politely excuse yourself > gossiping is a life and soul sucking experience, low energy lives here so CUT IT OUT ✂️ > limit time on social media or any type of media coverage that brings you to a low energy state, instead look for podcasts or books that increase your happiness and energy
~ get out in nature, this always restores my energy 💫
~ move more, go for a walk, 💃🏼 in your living room, do jumping jacks or squats from a chair to get those endorphins flowing ~ find your own #tribe that supports your goals and can assist you in achieving your ultimate happiness by supporting you in your efforts to #up-level in your life ~
High five 🙌🏼 or ten below if any of this resonates with you! ~
OH ... and go check out my previous post If you missed my first tip on cultivating happiness! I’m doing a happiness focus d week, so keep your eyes out for your next set of tips tomorrow 💕
What’s your takeaway from this message?? Comment below on how you will implement any of the tips on cultivating happiness in your life 🤩
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I always go into a long solo hike with a question. Today it was “What is my purpose?” Deep stuff, I know. But it’s important to self-reflect away in a place far away from the common stimulants of everyday life.
The answer I discovered was simple. Maximize my happiness on this planet. To me that means traveling the world, climbing rocks, learning new things and improving the value of other peoples lives by cultivating meaningful relationships, sharing knowledge and experiences.
I think we all share a similar purpose in life (to be happy). We aim our actions and efforts toward this goal. Over time and with relentless cultivation and patience we start to enjoy the benefits of our direction.

Happiness means something different to each of us and therefore we will all take a different path to get there.

It really doesn’t matter what anybody else is doing. The only competition is yourself. Wake up tomorrow feeling smarter, healthier and with more peace of mind than the days past. Slowly over time - we will master our minds.
Just some weekend thoughts from the Rockies. 🤙🏾 #CultivateYourHappiness #travel #climb #smile #love #manofthewoods #colorado #rockies #kyzyn #climbersofinstagram #earth #space #stars #nationalpark #trail #trailrunning #dontforgetthedriedmango

Besties who meditate together 🐌 stay together!
Working on catching some sun and manifesting dreams! Have you ever had a friend that just activated the shit out of you?

SUNKISSED 💛🖤... 📷 @moya_official
Be content in every moment, find something positive and focus on that until it blossoms and blooms, spreading its effect into every dark corner... for in any moment, all we can do is live.
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Uranus is entering Taurus, the house of love, for the first time in 64 years! You should see for the next 7 years that you will be living from your heart, dwelling in the state of love with everything you do. This could make some life changing moves take place and I know for me this already includes a shift in my career! Although I know this is a great thing and I am getting everything I am asking for, there is no doubt change can take courage!! For me Valor will always have my back, boosting my courage while White Angelina will surround me in a white coating of love! @hecallsthemmyhippieoils

My newest creation! I am offering this as a painting party for the middle school PTO fundraiser as my continual efforts to raise money for my Girl Scouts Belize. This painting I particularly love! I use to have a fascination for Giraffes as a child; Giraffes and turtles. I gave no doubt it was a spirit animal of mine. As a child I could resonate with Giraffes; quiet, awkward, gentle, loving. I have come so far from who I once was, but that little girl is still inside of me and will always be a part of me!
How do you cultivate your happiness!?

Confidence. Shades. Mama. #necessities #cultivateyourhappiness

Who would have thought that I’ll say yes again and again to met messy toddler kisses. #bellamycollette #kisses #cultivateyourhappiness #mama

“Don’t trade your authenticity for approval”... embrace who you really are, as opposed to who you’re thought you should be. #deeliberatelyauthentic #deeliberatelypositive #deeliberatelystylish #thirtyonereasons #thirtyoneseasons #the32ndyear #findyourjoy #cultivateyourhappiness #beyourbestself

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” -Dolly Parton
Ok, so I guess this kind of counts as a #wcw and a #wednesdaywisdom! Dolly is everything! And after a much rainy season here in Pittsburgh - Keep hunting those rainbows! Figuratively and literally 🌈💫

So in love with this woman @dgsutula kick ass mom. Super woman wife. And a lady who deserves all this world has to offer. Happy Sunday love :). Thanks @andygrammer for starting our parenthood off right. Also thankful for wonderful grandparents taking care of Auggie tonight :) #dadlife #augustanthonysutula #aintnooneluckierthanme #cultivateyourhappiness

“You’re not obligated to stay where you’re unhappy” @r.h.sin.
For whatever phase, whichever category of your life, decide, make that choice... feed your soul. #deeliberately #deeliberatelypositive #thirtyonereasons #thirtyoneseasons #the32ndyear #findyourjoy #cultivateyourhappiness #doyou #liveyourbestlife

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This will probably be one of the ugliest things I will ever post but that's OK. I fully expected all the excitement involved with taking this next step, but I completely underestimated how terrifying it would be. #lastdayonthejob #timetogotowork #entrepreneurship #growinggreysontheregular #onwardandupward #beyondthankful #manifestyourreality #cultivateyourhappiness #buddingentrepeneur #slayallday #takingthenextstep #pinchme #lovethegrind #endofachapter #adaptingtochange #callingalldreamers #girlboss #exitingtheoffice

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