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True or not true?

"Hayatının hiç istemediğin bir hale geldiği hissine hiç kapıldın mı?" Nocturnal Animals
Yönetmen: Tom Ford
Oyuncular: Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams
Yapım yılı: 2016 IMDB puanı: 7.5
#nocturnalanimals #cult #tomford #amyadams #jakegyllenhaal #cinema #cinemaloverr

Al & Bob in 70s ❤️

"Tanrı dünyayı 7 gündə yaratdı, mən isə öz dünyamı 7 saniyədə məhv etdim"
Adı: Seven Pounds
İli: 2008
Janrı: Dram, Romantik
İMDb: 7.7
Hər şey 7 addan ibarət olan bir listdən başlayır.Ben Thomas, Holly Apelgren, Connie Tepos, George Ristuccia, Nicholas Adams, Ezra Turner ve Emily Posa. Tək ortaq cəhətləri hər birinin maddi, mənəvi və tibbi köməyə ehtiyyacları olmasıdır.Ürək xəstəsi olan Emily Rosa Benin həyata keçirmək istədiyi böyük bir planının gedişatını dəyişdirəcək
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🎬 Gran Torino (2008)
What’re your thoughts?
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Today's alternative poster is dedicated to Prisoners.

Fun Fact: For the hammer scene, Hugh Jackman was asked by Denis Villeneuve to be completely ferocious for the next take. That take was used in the final film.

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#AZAChallenge entry: Do or Die (1991) directed by Andy Sidaris (Malibu Express & Picasso Trigger). Donna Hamilton (Dona Speir) and Nicole Justin (Roberta Vasquez) are CIA agents being targeted by Kane (Pat Morita). They need to survive his game. Beat six teams of assassins and he won't trigger the crash of the American Stock Market. Boy do I love Andy Sidaris films. Having praised his glory in episode 100 with Malibu Express, here comes another glorious direct to video/Cinemax late night staple. Andy... no, Mr. Sidaris loves his powerful beautiful busty women and Do or Die does not disappoint. None of these ladies are damsels in distress, they kick ass. Sure, maybe some of the acting isn't Oscar caliber but does one need to study at Julliard to act in a soft core sex scene by a waterfall in the moonlight? No! Cast all these lovely ladies from the pages of Playboy! Apart from our two leading ladies, we've also got Edy Stark (Cynthia Brimhall) and Atlanta Lee (Stephanie Schick aka Pandora Peaks). But it's not just sizzilling sex bombs, we've also got special agent hunks who help save the world, Bruce Penhall who's been in other Sidaris productions as Bruce Christian and the same for William Bumiller who played Lucas. But with all these defenders of good... who's evil? How about Pat Fricking Morita as Masakana "Kane" Kaneshiro! Hells yes! Mr. Miyagi in a sexy spy film. His second in command is Silk, (Carolyn Liu - who according to her IMDB bio, went to law school, graduated and left her law firm to star in many Sidaris films!) and Kane's top henchmen, Chen (Eric Chen) and Lew (James Lew... yes that James Lew... YES! From Big Trouble in Little China!). Other than Chen and Lew, there are five other groups of assassins trying to kill Donna and Nicole. I'll mention Ava (Ava Cadell) as she's the only female assassin... and that we spent some time seeing her changing outfits before she attempts to kill... Have to admit, Mr. Sidaris has a knack of filming women changing into various outfits. I don't think you can learn that, you're just born with the eye. I completely forgot... Mr CHIPS himself, Erik Estrada plays special agent Richard "Rico" Estevez.

🎥 ⛪️👰🏼🗡

Another successful Black Friday courtesy of @SeverinFilms @VinegarSyndrome & Deep Discount! I’m sure I’ll cave in later today and order something else. 📽

That time Babyface tried to kill me and @micktography got it all on camera! 📸😰
I'll post more photos from this shoot soon! 🖤
Babyface cosplay by @imperiusrexcosplay 👻
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Wanna see a F’d up flick? Try this one. Alex Winters plays a jaded film star en route to extinguish a media firestorm surrounding a hazardous corporate product he endorsed. He, his idiot friend and a journalist out to destroy his career end up lost together on a back road. They happen upon a remote freak show run by Randy Quaid, who we promptly discover is really an evil mad scientist. He turns lonely lost travelers into side-show exhibits. Bobcat Goldthwait plays a sock-puppet and Mr. T is the bearded lady... need I say more? #freaked #cultfilm #cultfilms #alexwinter #mrt #bobcatgoldthwait #randyquaid #weirdmovies #strangecinema #itcamefrombeyondplanetx

True or not true?


The Rifleman (1958–1963)🎬
Chuck Connors initially turned down the role of Lucas McCain because he thought the salary was too low. The show's producers then considered James Whitmore and John Anderson for the role, but when they saw Connors' chemistry with child actor Tommy Kirk in Old Yeller (1957), they realized he was the best choice for the role and made him another offer, this time at a much higher salary. He accepted.
Directed by: It has many directors, based on the series.

It’s tonight!

Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole (2010) This movie is so wonderfully sad and it's also beautifully acted. Check out this forgotten gem someday.

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