🐐 whole gang #cuffboys

We made it y’all 🏁🏁🏁 HAPPY FRIDAY! It’s been a great week of content, I’m shooting another episode of Rallcast tonight and I got some big plans for the future. Thank you to everybody reaching out and showing 🖤 this week! If you guys wanna show some support do me a favor and TAG A FRIEND on this post! This is “The Wave” my most recent music video (watch the full thing on YouTube or Facebook) Have a great weekend and party safely 🤙🏻!

If your an artist/musician or if you are looking for a new podcast. Check out @songexploder it has quickly become a new favorite of mine. The podcast breaks down the writing process of famous and underground artists where they take you along the journey of 1 song from the initial inspiration to the final master.

Let’s throw it back to summer of last year! Here is the first remix video I put up in 2017. It’s a remix to the Migos’ song “Slippery”. Hope everyone is finishing off the week strong! We’re recording another podcast tomorrow night so if you have any questions or wanna just shout someBODY or someTHING out leave a voicemail on the Rallcast line (407-984-7780)

DIRECTED BY 🎥 @evancroker

The story behind the lost episode may never be told. However....what challenge should me and @garygoatgruff do for the show?

Happy hump day fam! Here’s my Bodak Yellow Remix. Watch the full thing on YouTube or Facebook/Ralltherapper!


Lil Windex the 🐐 out here doin his thing and stuff like that

Whats ur opinion on skies, do u vibe with him? 🤭🤭🤭

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