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Added a solid number to Blake’s collection. Healed vase at the end of swipe >>> @xolavant @xodeshabitudes

This one is ON me! By @smallstattooing!! I don’t get tattooed very often but when I do I get it done by @smallstattooing because he’s awesooooome!!!! He’s got some cubisty flowers and other things drawn up ready to go and some free spaces to fill due to the time of year, get in touch with him and you can be tattoo twinsies with me 😍 @smallstattooing @smallstattooing @smallstattooing

For Timothy. @xolavant @xodeshabitudes

Keen to do some more large scale compositions and contemporary tribal stuff in 2018. Email the studio to book a consult in! ciao@xolavant.com

Tom’s right arm (our left) is healed and his left arm is fresh. Until next time bro! @xolavant @xodeshabitudes

@sugarraysmalls is coming back to @factotumbodymodification and has some spaces avaliable in august, check him out, he can do all sorts! #sugarraysmalls #cubisttattoos #boldtattoos

***ON ME NOT BY ME!!!*** I got this crispy clean janky little snow tiger by my friend and colleague @sugarraysmalls @sugarraysmalls @sugarraysmalls I highly recommend checking him out, he has loads of cool ideas for angular cubist bits and bobs, he basically strokes tattoos onto your skin and lines so straight you'd swear he was using an invisible ruler 👌💥🐯 #tigertattoo #graphictattoos #freshtilldeath

Beautiful piece by @timur_lysenko

By @jayaism //

By @jayaism //

By @jayaism //

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