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My client @johnfaccas is absolutely killing it. I always say this, all I can do is give you the program, it's up to you to work. John has proven his work ethic, and makes me look good as his coach. NO COACH MAKES A LIFTER. The lifter decides to be great.

#Repost @johnfaccas
Two months of progress.. 500lbs Thats all it took for me to become a believer in the #cubemethod 💪🏻 thanks @brandonlilly3 for great programming! Squat day- #cubemethod

W2D4 @brandonlilly3 #cube #cubepredator Heavy single today.. 140kg/150kg/160kg first time from a mono in 18 months, still walked it out. @ptcheadquarters @aussiestrength @australian.powerlifters #powerlifting #squat

Got a solid lift in with my man @feldmanrobert at @dieselgymnj thanks for helping me out with techniques. Looking forward to our meet come November. #cubemethod #cubepredator #powerlifting #beards #tattoos

No one can ever take away what you earn. This 744 deadlift sealed it, 1902, 6 for 6 day... I had a plan, stuck to it, and hurt some feelings. For the first time in a long long time I can say I'm proud of myself. Sure I have a long way to go, but today was a far bigger step for me mentally than it was physically. I'm honored at the support, and the chance to stand amongst Giants. Grateful for the invite, and the opportunity to do what I love... ALWAYS ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. #cubepredator #aintnobitch @nfpgear @riseabovefitness @sorinex @hviiibrandgoods @rogueamericanapparel

Awesome check in this week. If you're interested in a powerlifting program, or getting stronger, and improving your physique contact me at lillytraining@yahoo.com #cubepredator

People have asked my supplementation list. Here it is:
@nfpgear Complete Protein
@nfpgear BCAA's 5-10g per day
@nfpgear Creatine 5g per day
@nfpgear Recoil Vitamins 1 serving
@nfpgear 4D Flex Joint Fuel 2 servings •@nfpgear IC Red PW Only on Heavy Days
•Taurine 4g Daily
•Apple Cider Vinegar 3 servings per day
•Vitamin C 3 servings per day
•ALA 2 servings per day
•Fish Oil 15g per day
•Hawthorn Berry 1 serving
•NAC 2 servings at night
•Dandelion Root 2 servings at night
•Theanine 2 servings at night
•GABA serving at bed
•Melatonin 2 servings at bed

Water is 2.0 gallons per day, I add Crystal Light to help me get it all down. The majority of these aid in helping the organs, heart, and in sleep.
#cubecartel #606 #cubepredator #прочность @nfpgear #joinus @sorinex

A huge limiting factor for myself and many others I see is "micro classification". "I'm raw", "I'm geared", "I'm a strongman". One of the guys I trained with very early on always said: "Be a strength athlete, do everything you can with that ability. Don't limit it to just one discipline." Having competed in strongman, multiply, single ply bench, and raw I feel my best years of progress were when my focus was blended amongst different areas. Now of course with a comp nearing I would specialize, but I see way too many young lifters focusing on one sport far too early.

With the raw vs. gear debate, my honest observation is as follows.... Both sides would be shocked. There is a discipline, and learning curve to the gear that raw lifters don't quite grasp, and there are guys in gear that are absolutely strong as hell raw. I recall Donnie Thompson totaling 2200 or near it on a whim, and could have done far beyond if he focused there. Imagine a Garry Frank, Matt Wenning, Dave Hoff and so on. I've seen Dave do things that would blow people's minds. JakeandNickie Anderson is one of the best examples of raw and geared power.
Strong is strong, and narrow thinking is limiting. I'll go back to a post I made earlier, "what if the one thing you reject, is the key to your success?" #cubepredator

New @sorinex Strength Minute: How Can I Help My Child Be a Better Athlete?
#sorinex #cubepredator #belegendary @nfpgear

Not gonna take sole credit, I just want to show the diversity of the #cubepredator @danimarielifts teamed up with @fitnesspoynters and me to get in the best shape of her life. Here are her own words: "Thank you, and of course! Not only did the cube help keep my strength up, but the style of training has helped me keep my muscle mass, helped keep the muscles full and creates muscle density. I was coming off of an injury at the start and got stronger even while in a deficit! I've lost almost 20lbs and I'm still benching the same weight, squatting and pulling even more. Thanks so much again :) Danielle"
#cubepredator #606 #aintnobitch #fitnesspoynters #kentuckystrong

Contact me at lillytraining@yahoo.com for coaching!!


Lately I’ve felt really good in the gym. I’ve stopped worrying so much about my PR and focus more in execution, discipline and pushing myself when it hurts. I also stopped living in the “ifs” and “buts” as my coach @brandonlilly3 has put it. The If’s and buts are exactly what has held me back in many aspects of not all of my life. “If” it happened then so fucking what, move on and grow! “If” it hasn’t happened then stop bitching and go and do it. And the “buts” are nothing except for an excuse to not try, so they are gone completely. I may be turning 34 and got a late start, however that’s not going to stop me. Nothing is!! Compete in 18’ is the motto in my home! See you there!
Side note: Chest day was brutal but it’s late so I just through this together! Tomorrow! Legs are getting smashed at @riseabovefitness !
"Train to get big, and get big to stay big"
Coach: @brandonlilly3

Rep squats today. Was supposed to hit 1x8 @70% 415# Not real happy with these today only hit 4 so I did a second set of 4 to hit my reps....and they looked high.... fml not every day is a great day!!!!#cubemethod #cubecartel #cubepredator #ironbreed #powerlifting #uspa #outlawlaboratory #outlawlife #iamaoutlaw

Back Squats 5x4x120kg.. keeping them as dynamic as possible at 5:45am. Movement feels better and better each week. Looking forward at UWS Novice Comp in Nov with @sckiely @australian.powerlifters @aussiestrength @jo3y_gainz @duffman445 #powerlifting #cubemethod #cubepredator #cube #australianpowerlifters #squats #bestrongarmy #kilosnotpounds

3x5 at 395!! Held that second one waaayyyy too long haha! #liftbearded #cubepredator #dougyoungmethod

415x3 reps. Felt fast, felt easy!! Adapting well to Sumo, trying to get my form down!! #cubemethod
#cubepredator #lift #lifting #power #powerlift #powerlifting #deadlift #strength #gains #allnatural #tattoo #tattoos #beard

W2D4 @brandonlilly3 #cube #cubepredator Heavy single today.. 140kg/150kg/160kg first time from a mono in 18 months, still walked it out. @ptcheadquarters @aussiestrength @australian.powerlifters #powerlifting #squat

Dream big, hustle, fight, stand tall #liftbearded #cubepredator #dougyoungmethod

Tonight's theme was a fuck ton of squats! And I looooooooved every minute of it!
"Train to get big, and get big to stay big"
80% x 3 Performed Normally
85% x 1 x 4 sets (1 set filmed)

Coach: @brandonlilly3

Speed bench work today. 8x3 rep @60% #275. Fueled by Tri Bulk from @outlawlaboratory use my coupon code: OUTLAWLAB6801 to receive a free shirt, tank or Hoodie. #cubemethod #cubecartel #cubepredator #ironbreed #outlawlaboratory #outlawlife #iamaoutlaw #uspa #powerlifting

166lbs on the left. Size 32 shorts, medium shirts. No strength. No happiness. All I wondered is why. Why am I like this, why do I feel like I'm the punchline of everyone's joke, why am I the joke??? I searched and searched for the answers in parties, the wrong crowd, everything that just made my mentality worse. Who would want to associate with someone like me? Who would want to be around someone with this mindset?
I could've given in and said this how I'm supposed to be, this is me. I'm weak, I'm a joke. But instead, I said screw it.
Tears, anger, trials and tribulations, all of that leading to the development of a primal mindset of "if you want to laugh, I promise I'll be the last one laughing, I'll be the one standing tall saying, 'Your turn....'. I told myself I HAD HAD ENOUGH OF BEING THE PREY, IT'S TIME TO BE THE PREDATOR!! Now, on the right, I'm at 267 lbs. Stronger, more humble, hungry for success, hungry to grow as a man mentally, physically, and spiritually, to be tbe man to look at the woman of his dreams and say, "I'm here to protect you, to be your rock and support." To look at my parents and family saying, "I did it!! I made it!!" Never give up, never lose hope, always keep fighting!!! #liftbearded #cubepredator #dougyoungmethod

This is from Sunday which I don't typically train on but we have family in town so I had to change things a bit. Family first! ❤️
I took a few different videos at the same weight because I noticed movement in my knees and feet while squatting but only posting two! I have sole mobility issues with my ankles that I'm working on. Last on was just some 2' pause reps on bench for good measure. #15kfollowers
Competition Style Squat: 65% x 3 x 10 sets (60 seconds rest Explosive )
No Lockout Squats: 50% x 10 x 3 sets

"Train to get big, and get big to stay big"
Coach: @brandonlilly3

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