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After 26815849164 years, I saw my then-english teacher who is now a VP in Dunman High. Hahaha. Will never ever forget his ah beng moments. English classes with him were always fun and enjoyable, and the best thing is he never ever chases me for my homework because he knows I don't do them. 😂 @thunderune don't so 帅 leh, spoil market 😂😂 #CTSS #AhbengTan

Chanoi Kengaroo Boonenek in da house!! I feel like 15 again when I'm with these guys... then again, I always feel like I'm 15 still 😜 #Ctss #oldskool

Capostilo👽 #CTSS

👅 #ctss

Finally meeting up with my class parents after so long😌❤️ #CTSS

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. - Ralph Waldo Emeron

More than a decade of knowing each other and cheers to more decades to come. Thank you for taking time out of our busy schedules to catch up with each other. Hope to see everyone else when we have the time as well!

Cr 📷: @irvingseah

#veragioiadivivere #ctss #friendship #avalon

-Clementi Town Secondary School-

A learning experience and also self reminder of what I should be like and should do as a facilitator. But still thankful.
#joycealisahappydays #joycealisacampsjournal #ctss

- SinansariSahmura✨ #CESTTOI #CTSS #TeamBada


“你写什么?我看不懂啦。重写。” This dumbass of a student of mine took this photo of me, with my own phone, and I actually didn’t realise it until today. So who’s the dumb one. Lol. Shit. Nevertheless, I wish all of you the best of luck, strength and will to pull through each and every paper my lovely juniors. :) People often ask why do I keep going back, and now even going back to be a relief teacher. Let’s just say I’m that overly attached senior who loves his alma mater, and wants the best for everyone in this school. :) Thank you CT, thank you each and everyone I’ve met in this school. I’m the lucky one. :) #CTSS #Alumni #almamater #payingitforward

Loved the hotel remodel at the Hyatt this year for #CTSS! Couches behind our selling tables for Sunday?? YES!!! #sellingtoysoldiers #toysoldiershow #militaryminiatures #toysoldier #chicagotoysoldiershow #schaumburg #hyattregency

Such an amazing Sunday morning with some local CT Change Agents 😎

We laughed, we shared, we worked out, we filled our tanks! Nothing can really describe the energy in a room where you are surrounded by powerful people🙌🏼 My biggest take away from today was:
Once you find the Intersection Road between your Personal Passion and Mission then all doors open! ✨

In a world filled with social media that tells us how to live, where to shop, what to wear, who to be like. It was nice to be reminded to look within and have the courage to find your strengths and gifts and share them with the world.
This is what CHANGE AGENTS DO! 🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻 We are all unique and beautifully created 💖

Tonight I just want to remind you YOU ARE IMPORTANT.
Put yourself on the priority list 😘✨ Unstoppable Living #CTSS

After 15 years of gathering pieces, Dennis Fontana created this charming miniature Toy Shop! Buttons, Cracker Jack boxes, game pieces, hand painted trinkets and much more bring this eye-catching top shop to life! #oldtoysoldier #toyshop #chicago #ctss

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