“The sun won’t set and there was nothing to stop us from fishing. There’s no care for what time it is when it’s summer time in the arctic.” Read the full story about fishing in Swedish Lapland on the CTS Blog. Link in profile. #ctsfishing #HookedOnTechnology
Photos and words: Jono Winnel @jonowinnel

Quartz sale - 20% off! Until the end of September, you can purchase any premium fiberglass blank in the Quartz CrystalGlass™ Collection with a super sweet 20% discount! Use coupon code: QUARTZ20 at checkout. Online orders only - excludes wholesale. #ctsfishing #HookedOnTechnology

A striking halibut jigging rod with twisted guides from Antti Nuutero @anttinuutero out of Finland 🇫🇮 #ctsfishing #HookedOnTechnology

NEW in store: Fly guide kits! Make the most out of your next build and order a premium fly guide kit from us with your next CTS blank. We’ve chosen only superior components including Snake Brand Universal, RECOIL and FUJI.

Hurry up and get out of here @florencehurricane I’m ready to go catch some reds! . . . #obxfishing #8nbait #ctsrods #drumfishing #pennfathom #nickscustomrods #surfing #capepoint #heaver #drumseason

INTERNAL HIGH STRENGTH FERRULE. We place a high strength ferrule at each join, to provide superior crush and split resistance. Even our Quartz S Glass series have their own internal ferrule. There is no need for the rod builder to place a ferrule wrap at this point for reinforcement.
In this heavier wall (base) section of our Affinity DQ, you can see a number of layers of reinforcing along with the helical on the inside. The number of wraps and the grade of material for the wraps is varied depending on the loads it will be subject to. #ctsfishing #HookedOnTechnology

When work is sucking fish durning lunch. #ctsrods #lamsonwaterworks #fishnj

A CTS 15’ float from Spiel Custom Rods out of Ontario, Canada. Unique handle made from dyed and stabilised box elder and burl. #ctsfishing #HookedOnTechnology

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