Sharing some gratitude today. Jessica at @choose_different helps people improve their health and well-being as a Yoga Trapeze Instructor and Health and Life Coach. She recently said this about gratitude: "As many of you know, I am a huge advocate of women empowering women. Today I want to acknowledge and thank all the strong women who have been there for me on my journey and held visions for me when I couldn’t see them yet myself. My dreams are becoming my reality and it would never have been possible without these amazingly intelligent, successful, beautiful women by my side. From the bottom of my heart, I love each and every one of you for simply being you. We’re in this together 💕" #yoga #lifecoach #yogatrapeze #health #headshotphotography #portraitphotography #portraitphotographer #photography #connecticut #ctphotographer

Need another reason to buy our magazine this June? We've got one!
Suzanne, our fantasy hair/wig/prop/costume extroadinairre, has been one of the biggest parts of Dual Edge along with her whole family! Be sure to check out our "All About Suzanne" page In our magazine coming out this June! *10% of each magazine sale will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of Suzanne's daughter, Nina, who is currently battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma.*
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Happy Anniversary to @slafo11 & @tlafo23!!! I hope you both have a wonderful day!!! I'm so excited for you guys for your new chapter to begin with the baby on the way!! #throwinitbackbeforeHallmark #oneyear #anniversary #love #ctphotographer

Who’s babes are turning ONE!? Book your cake smash with me! 🎂
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When the rain ruins all of your birthday plans, but you don’t have time to care because you’re over here living your best life.

Lately I’ve been trying to find a balance. I have been (nearly) stress free since my graduation 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been having a blast doing the work I want to do without interruption! But it’s been a bit difficult to find a rhythm. My friends and I are in a place where we’re starting our real life career jobs soon. And it’s hard not to go out to the bar on a Tuesday night or get sushi at 2PM on a Thursday afternoon when you’re all on the same vacation schedule 😂
I’ve really got to buckle down and get started though. I’ve been saying “big things coming” for a while now and it’s time for me to finally make my goals happen, and start making good on the promises I’ve made to myself these past couple months. Here’s to the future!

Met up with an adorable family today for a photo session - loving this view and weather!! ☉⛵

my brother like my momma’s kid🤞🏾
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Prom 2k18🔥
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a little bit of wonder & magic ✨

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