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Words cannot describe yesterday! @bruyninga you guys really took care of the competitors and made the show a blast! Rick Kasten and @cameronbodner thank you for feedback! Huge shoutout to my coach @teamctn who is seriously a macro voodoo wizard, you see something in all of your athletes that we would never see in ourselves! My posing fit so many compliments thanks to @maryish with #FRNTnCTR posing!!! The best part of this whole experience wasn't being crowned the overall (although that was pretty epic) it was sharing this experience with my Airmen and especially those who came out in full force and made that ball room roar, it was pretty overwhelming! @jjplayer183 @tyler_j_varner you guys did so great for it to be your first show and you will only get better from here! Nothing I achieve would be possible without the love and support I receive from my friends and family. Sprinkled all over the U.S. you guys still follow be a way to show your my biggest fans! Even the staff at @goldsgymcheyenne you guys are freaking amazing! I even got the opportunity to take a pic with the military overall winners @josh_pendergist and @bigred2210 it is a true testament of hard work and dedication no matter what the military life throws at you, great job guys! @jaycutler thank you for supporting this show it was an honor to meet you! Now back to the grind... Thank you #toxicangelzbikinis fir my amazing suit! And @dissidentgymwear thanks for the amazing support and bomb ass gym wear you provide! #TeamU #ctn is coming in HOT!!! Back in stage In 5 days 😬#overallwinner #bikinichamp #nationalsbound #nationals #WyomingNPC #ThankYou #CutlerClassic @eclypse_tanning @toxicangelzbikinis

Here's some glute science dropped by my boo @moleculargainz 📝🍑 Any hip extension exercise that requires the knee to remain bent is going to be an awesome exercise for targeting the glutes. Reason being is that keeping the knee bent causes active insufficiency of the hamstrings. The hamstrings are multi joint muscles that cross the hip where they assist the glutes in hip extension (this exercise is an example of hip extension), and also cross the knee where they flex the knee joint (leg curls). Keeping the knees bent shortens the hamstrings, which puts them in a weaker position. What this means is that the hamstrings aren't able to help as much during this exercise, ultimately placing more of the work on the glutes. As far as this super set goes the idea behind it is to change the angle at the hip joint in relation to the force of gravity from the weight. In doing so you're placing maximum tension on the glutes in slightly different parts of their contractile range, which is just totally awesome for gains! And don't mind the 10lb dumbbells, this was her last glute exercise and this superset is hard but effective 👌🏻
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There might be a few months till, but it's never to early to talk @ctnanimexpo. @artbythorhauge and I can't wait to see everyone there! #girlsinanimation #ctn

ET in 10mins #CTN

Pra não perder o costume, em ritmo de São João aquele forrozinho com o papito (acho que dei uma melhorada,acho 😀) 💃

#festajunina #CTN #vivendoavida

São João de nois tudin♥️
O balão vai subindo
Vai caindo a garoa
O céu é tão lindo
A noite é tão boa

São João, São João
Acende a fogueira do meu coração
#saojoao #saojoao2017 #ctn #centrotradicoesnordestinas #minhaterra #terrinha #saudades #matandoasaudade #muitoamorenvolvido #ilove

Can level out a tee #golf #tpgc #ctn

São João de nós tudim! 😃😃😃 #ctn

Mais um show top!!! #guhrezende #ctn #job #produção


Fim de semana sensacional ❤🎶🎭
Dois dias de apresentação com o #LiraDosAutos no #CTN
Povo gigantesco super animado aí na ciranda.
Muito obrigada a todos os envolvidos... Já quero mais ❤
#SãoJoãoDeNóisTudim 🙏❤

Dia de comemoração !! Niver da Lais ... Muito divertido e só pessoas do bem !! #ctn #niveramiga #tudodebom #obrigadasenhor #diapertfeito

Mais um show top!!! #guhrezende #ctn #job #produção

CTN! #ctn #saojoao

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